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Tools and Educational Presentations online tools:

for modeling and analysis of lyophilization/freeze-drying:

1. LyoCalculator 

Lyocalculator models product temperature and sublimation rate during primary drying for specified chamber pressure, shelf temperature and container/product properties. 


Excel-based lyocalculator (Courtesy Dr. Serguei Tchessalov/Pfizer): Lyocycle_design_and_transfer_template_Breckenridge_workshop--Pfizer_Original.xls (2 MB)


Abridged version for training by Dr. Tong Zhu: 170727-Lyo-Calculator_Training-Added_Macro_Solver.xls (66 KB



2. Lyo Chamber Pressure Variation Calculator 

simulate variation of pressure within product chamber for specified chamber pressure, shelf size and drying rate rate. 



1. Developing Transferable Freeze Drying Protocols Using Accuflux® and a MicroFD®

Authors: TN Thompson (Millrock Technology, Inc.), Quiming Wang (Millrock Technology, Inc.), Cindy Reiter (Millrock Technology, Inc.)

FDProtocols.pdf (4 MB) narrated presentation: