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Tools and Educational Presentations

Interactive online tools:

for modeling and analysis of lyophilization/freeze-drying:

1. Interactive Lyocalculator

Lyocalculator models product temperature and sublimation rate during primary drying for specified chamber pressure, shelf temperature and container/product properties. 


Excel-based lyocalculator (Courtesy Dr. Serguei Tchessalov/Pfizer): Lyocycle_design_and_transfer_template_Breckenridge_workshop--Pfizer_Original.xls (2 MB)


Abridged version for training by Dr. Tong Zhu: 170727-Lyo-Calculator_Training-Added_Macro_Solver.xls (66 KB

2. Pressure Variation Calculator


simulate variation of pressure within product chamber for specified chamber pressure, shelf size and drying rate rate. 


Best Practices Papers:

1) LyoHUB's Best Practices Paper, "Recommended Best Practices for Process Monitoring Instrumentation in Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying"   can be accessed at


1. Developing Transferable Freeze Drying Protocols Using Accuflux® and a MicroFD®

Authors: TN Thompson (Millrock Technology, Inc.), Quiming Wang (Millrock Technology, Inc.), Cindy Reiter (Millrock Technology, Inc.)

FDProtocols.pdf (4 MB) narrated presentation: