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Lyophilized Injectable Drug and Biological Product Database

Comprehensive and searchable database containing all FDA-approved lyophilized injectable drug and biological products.

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Version 1.0 - published on 15 May 2022

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This tool presents a datastore that helps the users search through various Lyophilized drugs approved by FDA. 
The datastore was populated after searching through entire database of FDA approved drugs to check for lyophilized drugs. The datastore contains meta data of lyophilized drugs including the product name, active and inactive ingredients,  company name, FDA application number, initial filing date,  etc.

The tool uses different data visualizations tools like tables, charts, and graphs to present the data.
The Display Tables tab display different drugs along with their meta data in a table format. The user can choose from a list of products, or active and inactive ingredients to generate the table.
Display Charts tab presents a bar chart for various active and inactive ingredients used throughout all the lyophilized drugs present in the datastore. It gives the total occurrences of different active or inactive ingredients used over all the lyophilized drugs.
The Display Time-Series Data tab provides the end user the option to select multiple inactive ingredients and a certain year range. This will result into a graph presenting the number of times the selected inactive ingredient was used in any drug formulation in that year range.

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