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  1. Discrete Element Method (DEM) Course Module

    26 Jan 2008 | Courses | Contributor(s): Carl Wassgren, Avik Sarkar

    The DEM course module was created by Carl Wassgren of the Particulate Systems Laboratory (PSL) at Purdue University. The series consists of slides and videos that will familiarize you with the basics of DEM. Discrete Element Method has been applied to analyze and predict flow behaviour in a wide...

  2. Computational Methods for Molecular Crystals

    11 Sep 2008 | Courses | Contributor(s): Stephan X.M. Boerrigter

    This course that was designed for graduate students that are rounding up their course work and consider applying computational methods on molecular crystals as part of their PhD research. The lectures cover a wide range of theoretical topics including crystallography, ab initio quantum mechanics,...

  3. Statistical Model Building and Design of Experiments

    05 May 2008 | Courses | Contributor(s): Gary Blau

    Topics covered in this module includeQuantification of Uncertainty in Experimental data and impact on model analysis using Probability TheoryReview of Statistics for building Statistical Models (Multilinear Regression analysis)Design of Experiments for Building Statistical models Single factor...

  4. Pharmaceutical API Process Development and Design

    24 Sep 2009 | Courses | Contributor(s): Kamal Kuriyan

    API process development involves selection, preliminary design and scale-up of the equipment used to carry out the recipe for producing the desired form of the drug substance. This course will cover selected topics in API process development. Operations studied include batch reaction,...

  5. Human Subjects Research Seminar: Current Regulations under FDA and HIPAA

    06 Feb 2017 | Courses | Contributor(s): John Robinson

    Overview:This two day seminar will provide the foundation for the application, concepts and theories of clinical research. Within the two days, attendees will learn about the historical evolution of research, current regulations and guidelines including the Common Rule, FDA regulations and HIPAA....

  6. Fundamentals of Freeze Drying

    12 Dec 2018 | Courses | Contributor(s): Steven L Nail

    Lyo-Hub Summer School