Advanced Lyophilization Technology Hub an industry-led partnership to advance the science and technology of lyophilization/freeze-drying. 

The goal of Advanced Lyophilization Technology Hub (LyoHUB) is to advance the science and technology of freeze-drying/lyophilization. LyoHUB’s members include companies in the pharmaceutical and food processing sectors, equipment manufacturers and university researchers, who combine their expertise and resources to accomplish the goal. Immediate objectives are:  (i) to identify and disseminate Best Practices for lyophilization equipment performance, testing and validation and (ii) to conduct applied research to advance lyophilization processes and products. 



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  • The LyoPRONTO app

    May 16, 2023

    After almost 6 months in the making, we’re thrilled to introduce the release of the new LyoHUB app on the Apple App store! The software is completely free to download to all iOS devices and gives you instant access to information about the LyoHUB consortium, links to our open-access publications and standards, as well as a mobile version of our LyoPRONTO lyophilization process simulation tool, all in the palm of your hand.

    The mobile LyoPRONTO tool is a lightweight and streamlined version of our very own freeze-drying modeling suite. Modules include a primary drying calculator, freezing calculator, and design space analyzer. Input custom modeling parameters, visualize your results with interactive graphs, save inputs and outputs for future use, and share data directly from the app with peers or colleagues via email, airdrop, or text message. Download it to start mastering your freeze-drying workflow, “pronto”!




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Purdue University researchers are using a unique approach to help make a significant impact on the global #vaccine supply chain. The Purdue-led team has been awarded nearly $1 million to pursue a technology using #microwaves to make the freeze-drying process for vaccines faster and more cost-effective. Merck and IMA Life North America partnered with #Purdue to carry out the project, funded by the National Insititute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (NIIMBL). “This is yet another example of a Purdue innovation that can make an impact on the world,” said Purdue Innovates senior vice president Brooke Beier. “Purdue Innovates is focused on results: transforming research into intellectual property that can be licensed to startups and industries and, finally, products that can save lives.” Read more:

Purdue’s microwave technology could lead to more stable vaccine supply chain

Purdue’s microwave technology could lead to more stable vaccine supply chain

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