Advanced Lyophilization Technology Hub an industry-led partnership to advance the science and technology of lyophilization/freeze-drying. 

The goal of Advanced Lyophilization Technology Hub (LyoHUB) is to advance the science and technology of freeze-drying/lyophilization. LyoHUB’s members include companies in the pharmaceutical and food processing sectors, equipment manufacturers and university researchers, who combine their expertise and resources to accomplish the goal. Immediate objectives are:  (i) to identify and disseminate Best Practices for lyophilization equipment performance, testing and validation and (ii) to conduct applied research to advance lyophilization processes and products. 



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  • LyoHUB offers NEW Short Course on Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying, “Freeze Drying: Principles and Practice

    The curriculum for this new course was designed by Dr. Steven Nail and Drew Strongrich, Research Scientist at LyoHUB.

    Following completion of the "Freeze Drying: Principals and Practice" course, students will be able to:

    • Identify and describe the three fundamental phases of the freeze-drying process.
    • Outline key unit operations, processes, equipment, and process monitoring methods associated with the lyophilization of parenteral products.
    • Describe product critical quality attributes, how they are measured, and the roles they play in short and long-term stability.
    • Provide a broad overview of an approach to developing and optimizing a freeze-drying process, including the use of mathematical models for common formulations and containers.
    • Discuss common deficiencies in the development and manufacturing of freeze-dried pharmaceuticals and provide information on current best-practices in industry.

    Continuing Education Credit Available.

    For more information and enrollment, visit


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June 20, 2024

"The past couple of decades have seen a nearly exponential growth in the number of new therapeutic agents that have their origin in pharmaceutical biotechnology. Because many of these agents are not stable in aqueous solution, about half of them are freeze-dried. Freeze-drying is a fairly complicated process involving physical chemistry, heat and mass transfer, materials characterization, process modeling, and analytical chemistry. The Freeze Drying: Principles and Practice online course is for individuals who want to develop the necessary expertise to contribute to this very important field," says Dr. Steve Nail.

Discover more about the complexities and advancements in freeze-drying technology through this new online course!

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