Demo Facility

 Lyophilization Technology Demonstration Facility


LyoHUB MISSION: The goal of the Advanced Lyophilization Technology Hub (LyoHub) is to advance the science and technology of freeze-drying/ lyophilization. LyoHub’s members include companies in the pharmaceutical and food processing sectors, equipment manufacturers and university researchers, who combine their expertise and resources to accomplish the goal. Immediate objectives are:  (i) to identify and disseminate Best Practices for lyophilization equipment performance, testing and validation and (ii) to conduct applied research to advance lyophilization processes and products.


In February 2016, LyoHUB opened the Lyophilization Technology Demonstration Facility located in the Birck Nanotechnology Center at Purdue Discovery Park. The facility, where collaboration on breakthrough technologies can be advanced with a goal of accelerating adoption and decreasing time to market, is equipped and supported by LyoHUB’s industry members. The facility also offers various hands-on training opportunities for academic and industry users.

The facility, located in BRK 2261, includes an 800 square foot laboratory space and auxilliary utilities corridor. This facility is a new recharge center in Birck Nanotechnology Center’s Biocore cluster and is being used for lyophilization research, development and pilot demonstration projects.


Demo Facility:





The demo facility provides training and access to lyophilization and analytical tools as described below. 


Advanced Lyophilization Equipment for R&D and Production

Development/Pilot-Scale Freeze-Dryer/Lyophilizer REVO by Millrock Tech

  • 4 shelves (1 ft x 2 ft) with a total area of 0.74 m
  • -45°C to +65°C shelf temperature range
  • Hydraulic stoppering
  • 6’’ chamber to condenser vapor duct
  • 30L -85°C ice condenser
  • FreezeBooster® controlled nucleation
  • 16 Type-T thermocouples
  • Heat flux sensors and LyoPAT® to determine vial heat transfer coefficient(Kv) and process design  
  • Wireless product temperature monitoring
  • Residual gas analyzer INFICON Transpector 200
  • Electrical: 230V/1ph/60Hz/30A (-53°C)


Research & Development/Pilot –Scale Freeze-Dryer LYOSTAR™ 3

  • SMART Freeze-Dryer Technology for automation & cycle development
  • Type T thermocouple-controlled shelf temperature accuracy (+/- 0.5°C)
  • Vacuum control within 0.1% of set-point
  • ControLyo™ Nucleation Technology


Development Freeze-Dryer/Lyophilizer MICROFD by Millrock Tech 

  • Fast process setup and operation
  • Simulates production/pilot lyos with just 19 vials using temperature controlled side walls
  • LyoPAT-II to determine vial heat transfer coefficient(Kv) and process design  
  • 8 Type-T thermocouples


Introducing the FreeZone 6 Liter Console Freeze Dry System designed for light to moderate aqueous sample loads. Note: this model is not suitable for samples containing acetonitrile.


  • Capable of removing up to 4 liters of water in 24 hours
  • LCD displays system operating parameters, set-up parameters, and alarm messages (temperature options in °C and °F, vacuum options in mBar, Pa, and Torr)
  • Equipped with a 3/4 hp CFC-free refrigeration system
  • Patented moisture sensor for accurate monitoring
  • Rear-mounted RS-232 port for data logging





































Formulation  Characterization

Freeze-Drying Microscopy system by McCrone

  • Optical microscope with digital camera for images and video
  • Linkam FDCS196 / THMS350V vacuum stage 
  • 130 °C/min maximum cooling rate under vacuum
  • -196°C to 125°C temperature range

Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)

  • Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer (TGA/DSC)
    Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
    Thermogravimetry (TGA) Mettler Toledo STARe System TGA/DSC 3+












Moisture characterization

Lighthouse FMS-1400 Headspace Pressure/Moisture Analyzer

  • Non-destructive gas analyzer for prefilled syringes
  • Monitors headspace oxygen concentration




Metrohm 874 Karl Fischer Oven with 851 Coulometer

  • Automatic thermal sample preparation
  • Suitable for high-temperature water release, sparingly soluble samples, and KF reagent reactive samples
  • Automatic thermal sample preparation
  • Suitable for high-temperature water release, sparingly soluble samples, and KF reagent reactive samples
  • Coulometry is the ideal method for water content determination in liquids, solids, and gases when it comes to water content determination in the trace range (10 µg to 10 mg absolute water).
  • In addition, coulometry is an absolute method and thus no titer determination is necessary












Vapor Pro XL

  • Moisture-specific RH-sensor technology
  • Wide range of testing temperatures with upgraded heater
  • High sensitivity
  • Flexible: compatible with multiple sample vial sizes, no ambient air exposure
  • User-friendly touchscreen and intuitive interface







  • The Formlabs Form 3 Printer is a high-speed, reliable, and versatile SLA 3D printer, equipped with the advanced Low Force Stereolithography (LFS) technology for detailed and consistent prints.
  • This printer comes with the Build Platform 2 that uses patented Quick Release Technology, simplifying the post-processing workflow and enhancing productivity.
  • The Adaptive Layer Thickness feature automatically optimizes print speeds and fine detail, while its connectivity options include Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and USB, and compatibility with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.
  • With Formlabs' cloud-based Remote Print technology, users can prepare the printer and start jobs from anywhere, providing a significant enhancement to lab workflow efficiency

Watson Marlow 505Di peristaltic pump  with a 505L pumphead. Some of the features are:

  • Dial-up flow rates from 4 microliters/min to 4.4 liter / min.
  • Dispenses 100ml in less than 1.4 seconds
  • Accuracy to ± 0.5 percent or better
  • RS232 control via serial communications
  • Store up to 50 dispensing programs

Makerbot Method X 3D Printer

  • High-performance desktop 3D printer for working prototypes, manufacturing tools, and end-use parts
  • Over 300,000 hours of reliability testing
  • 21 Sensor suite for smart material & performance monitoring
  • Remote monitoring & printing

ALICAT Mass Flow Meter

  • Flow measurement range: 0.025 SCCM to 5000 SLPM
  • Accuracy: ±0.6% of reading on most flow ranges
  • Repeatability: ± 0.1% of reading + 0.02% of full scale
  • Operating temperature: -10°C to +60°C
  • Max operating pressure: 145 psig
  • 10 ms measurement response time








Introducing the HTC Vive Pro 2, the cutting-edge VR headset designed to revolutionize computational fluid dynamics (CFD) multiphysics simulation visualization

With its room-scale environment and 1 to 1 touch controllers, the Vive Pro 2 allows you to immerse yourself in virtual simulations and interact with them using natural hand movements

Key Features:


Room-scale VR environment

1 to 1 touch controllers for intuitive interaction

Unparalleled flow visualization clarity and detail

Easy setup: connect hardware, launch software, and start exploring
















Sample preparation tools: analytical balances, micropipettes, and BSC.

Equipment modifications can be made for specific projects.

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We are happy to assist with cost calculations for use of the LyoHUB Demonstration Facility.

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