LyoHUB Roadmapping

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LyoHUB Roadmap V2

In April 2022, the NIST Advanced Manufacturing Technology Roadmap (MFGTech) program selected LyoHUB at Purdue University to create the Lyophilization, Freeze-Thaw and Aseptic Drying Technology Roadmap for Pharma/Biotech Manufacturing. The effort will expand the 2017 LyoHUB technology roadmap to address novel aseptic drying and freeze-thaw technologies as well as new product modalities including cell and gene therapies, nucleotides (DNA, RNA) vaccines and therapeutics. To read more about this grant, please visit Purdue Engineering to expand national roadmap leadership through 2 NIST projects, benefiting pharmaceuticals, microelectronics - News - College of Engineering - Purdue University

In September, 2022, the first workshop was held at Purdue University where over 60 participants helped identify the 5 topics for the roadmap:

  • Education/Workforce
  • New Product Modalities (including Drug/Medical Device Products - mRNA, Cell & Gene therapies)
  • Automation and Digitalization (PAT/Process Optimization/Automation/Modeling)
  • Freeze/Thaw Preservation
  • Advanced Drying Technologies: Dehydration or Drying (Alternatives to the existing Vial FD Batch Process)

In early 2023, subject matter experts will gather and work in small groups to develop high-level outlines for selected commercial outcome topics using a common template. The objective is to develop “first-cut” roadmaps for review and discussion, and to agree on a set of priorities and path forward. These roadmaps can then be used to guide next steps (e.g., proposal development, public-private partnerships) to achieve the defined impacts.

Purdue University News: "Key process to be modernized in production of lifesaving drugs, food preservation", 09.11.2017


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