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  1. Visualization of Particle-Based Computer Data

    18 Dec 2007 | Series | Contributor(s): Carl Wassgren, Avik Sarkar

    The ParticleVis software system offers full-featured visualization of discrete element method (DEM) computer data for real-time 3D rendering of large sets of particle states. ParticleVis capabilities include:adjustable lighting conditions and camera viewing characteristics,options to display...

  2. Particle and Thin Film Adhesion

    20 Dec 2007 | Series | Contributor(s): Stephen Beaudoin, Ravi Jaiswal, Caitlin Kilroy

    The adhesion of micron and sub-micron scale particles to surfaces is of tremendous interest in a wide range of industrial and civilian applications. We measure directly the adhesion of particles to surfaces using atomic force microscopy and develop experimentally-validated, science-based models...

  3. Pharmaceutical Informatics

    30 Dec 2007 | Series | Contributor(s): venkat, Rex Reklaitis, laelaf, shsu, pradeepsuresh

    Pharmaceutical products manufacturing is an important growth area for the US economy. Continued progress in biotechnology and genetic engineering coupled with an aging population will create both new mega-opportunities as well as pose new major challenges in this area, where the products are...

  4. Purdue Ontology for Pharmaceutical Engineering

    21 Jan 2008 | Series | Contributor(s): laelaf, venkat, shsu, pradeepsuresh

    Web Ontology Language (OWL), recommended by and based from Resource Description Framework (W3C), is used to define ontologies. OWL uses XML syntax to express semantics. OWL can formalize a domain by defining classes, properties of these classes, and relations between them. OWL can also define...

  5. ERC-SOPS Educational Modules

    27 Feb 2009 | Series

    These educational modules have been contributed by the ERC for Structured Organic Particulate Systems.