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Have you recently started weight training in the gym and are thinking about starting to take a sports supplement? Well this is the article you should read, we are going to analyze which are the best supplements for beginners.

Do you see yourself in the  sexual health mirror with a very thin physical build? Or perhaps ... Have you reached the level that those kilos that have accumulated over time already bother you?



Well, for both cases, the best decision you can make is to go sign up for a gym right away and start developing your physique.


What's more, there are currently people who directly hire a personal trainer, buy their own home gym equipment or register for a gym in order to have a body of which they can be proud.


Well, suppose you have already gone through the decision-making stage and have started training with everything, then you realize that training in the gym you like and now you want to advance further.


It is at this stage, generally, that the idea and doubts about starting to take or supplements arise, and which supplements will be the best.


When starting to train with weights there are different aspects to consider.


First of all, you have to consider that in any bodybuilding process patience is essential , obtaining positive results and that they are visible requires great dedication on your part.


Second, you need to train hard and be disciplined in your diet and training program . Not to mention respecting rest.


Not only going to the gym just because you don't feel in the mood today or not going because you're lazy, doing it this way won't get you anywhere.

In short, if you want a muscular and healthy body you have to work hard for it, respecting THE BASES OF MUSCLE TRAINING , and if necessary include some other sports supplement.


As you can see, nowhere do I say that you need to take supplements as a novice of weight training. You just have to follow a nutritious diet and train correctly.


Now if you want to ignore this and run to buy your first supplement, I'll try to help you anyway.


You have every right to do it, and there are times when it is worth doing, for example in cases where we have poor nutrition for work reasons, for example.

As you already know, there are currently an endless number of different types of supplements on the market, intended exclusively for bodybuilding.

These supplements can help you:

  • May your muscles gain mass and strength.
  • Let your metabolism work has a boost under certain conditions.
  • That you have more muscular resistance, and even helps in the repair of the muscular tissues that have been damaged due to exercises and intensive training.

Now, let me clarify two other points for you to consider before going to the store to buy your pot of supplements.

First, it is important to remember that taking sports supplements alone is not enough to get you the body you want.


If you only take sports supplements and do not accompany the bodybuilding process in the proper way, just waiting for your muscles to grow by magic, let me tell you that I am wrong, absolutely nothing will happen.


Intensive training and bodybuilding exercises are necessary elements to get the body you want in order to develop your muscles.


Second, always remember that supplements are nothing more than aids in getting that body you want.


Yes! They are aids for cases in which you have a daily life and training such that it does not allow you to achieve to incorporate, through the diet, all the nutrients that your muscles need.


If you have already decided what you are going to go for a supplement, let me help you with the choice.


In my opinion there are only two basic supplements that you should try before any other and only if you train with weights in the gym.


One of these supplements , commonly used, and that is totally legal,  is the protein supplement  (not the mass gainers or mass gainer that are different huh).


This type of bodybuilding supplement is a protein concentrate and how these are essential  for the body to promote the process of recovery and muscle development , as it ends up being the basis of supplementation for any workout.


Everything you need to know about Protein supplements in the following link:  ALL ABOUT PROTEIN SUPPLEMENTS

The other type of supplements, also very popular, effective and safe is Creatine.


Creatine is normally produced in the liver, pancreas, and kidneys. However, only a small amount reaches muscle tissues.


Creatine supplements can maximize the supply of phosphocreatine to the muscles , allowing us to obtain an extra energy in anaerobic training, which allows us to perform one or two extra repetitions in our routines.


Below you can learn more about creatine supplements: CREATINE SUPPLEMENTS


With certain supplements (those really effective), you can get that body you have always wanted in less time than usual, at least if you do not have a proper diet.


If you have a diet according to your level of demand, they should not be necessary, mainly in terms of protein consumption.


Don't forget that only with discipline and hard work can you take advantage of its benefits.


Achieving that body you want only depends on you, and the knowledge that you incorporate and apply to achieve it!


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