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The definitive routine to increase your metabolism and strengthen the muscles

We spoke with one of the most prestigious coaches in Beverly Hills to discover the keys

When we start to train "seriously" two are the most pursued  objectives. On the one hand, define the silhouette and burn fat , and on the other, increase strength. For this, variety in training and working the different muscle groups is key; And although there is no magic Bold-Max formula to achieve success on our way, there is no doubt that "no pain, no gain" is one of the mantras to follow in all disciplines.

When it comes to achieving effective fat burning, numerous scientific studies have shown that increasing metabolic activity is key, since it involves additional expenditure in a resting state by increasing basal metabolism. Or what is the same, the calories we expend for the mere fact of being alive. The big question lies in how to achieve it, since we are in a world in which every day so-called fitness gurus appear with recommendations whose reliability leaves much to be desired.

To clear up any doubts, we have counted on the point of view of Diego Calvo, one of the most prestigious Personal Trainer in Beverly Hills, who recommends various ways to speed it up. “When looking to increase metabolism, all solutions are related to the same idea, increasing physical activity in three ways. Increasing the days you train per week, designing training plans that involve several muscle groups in the same exercise or doing other types of high intensity training such as HIIT ", he points out.

As for increasing weekly workouts , he explains that if they are not too intense it is not enough to increase the metabolic rate, that is why he always recommends opting for multi-joint exercisesin our routines. «If I have the opportunity in an exercise to burn as many calories as I can, am I going to choose one that only involves the biceps, which is a very small part of my body, or am I going to choose an exercise that involves a large part of the muscles of the body? the legs, the back, the abdomen and also the shoulders? Logically doing this exercise at the same time I am burning many more calories and I am generating greater muscle damage in a larger area of ​​the body doing multi-joint exercises because I am activating many more muscles than doing an isolated one ", he points out.

Thus, if you want to increase metabolism, he recommends using exercises such as squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, push-ups… “ That's the key. Try to focus on the work of the large muscle groups that would be the back, chest and legs.

An innovative and practical method

With the rise of home training, Diego has created a device based on these pillars: the "Nucleus Method."A high intensity workout structured in 15 or 20 second intervals that is based on speed. It has a liquid system that the faster it moves, the more resistance it generates and therefore causes a greater liquid impact. Calvo tells us that every time the liquid collides with the walls of Nucleus, an automatic muscle activation of the muscles of 80% of the body is generated. That's why it has such a brutal impact on metabolism. As it involves so many muscle groups in such a short time, the metabolism increases not only during the execution of the exercises, but also when you are at rest. In about 12 minutes you will have completed a complete training session ».

What you must not do

In these times of pandemic, the Personal Trainer emphasizes not to believe what is said on social networks if it is not about recommendations from true experts. «The error that I have seen most comes from influencers who believe that they are doing a Tábata or HIIT when they are not and the reason is very simple. These workouts are short because they require maximum intensity, which means that in each segment you have to reach 90% of your capacity.If you are doing squats, you have to do as many as possible with the greatest possible intensity, and always like this ", he comments and adds that" the reasons are none other than to increase the heart rate and the muscles involved and in these Instagram videos he does. What I see is that exercises are being carried out on only one specific part of the body when what to look for is explosive work that recruits a large part of your body at the same time ».

An easy and effective routine to increase metabolism

Finally, Diego has presented us with a simple table with which to burn a good handful of calories at home.

20 "of work and 30" of rest. Repeat the circuit 4 times.

1. Jump squats

2. Push-ups

3. Lateral run (3 steps to each side)

4. Lunges alternating legs

5. Leap forward and 2 steps backward.


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