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Transform your body in a year


We are not in favor of express plans for long-term results and Testorapid we are in favor of putting ourselves in the hands of experts when it comes to modifying our body and our habits. All the professionals we have spoken with for this article agree that the first step if you want to change is to put yourself in the hands of those who know. Nutrition and exercise have to be personalized and not go your own way, however, these tips are essential during the process.



  1. Is your moment?

Before starting a life change and accepting its consequences, its harshness, the time it takes, etc. We must evaluate if we are really willing to do them.

The emotional part is basic, it is not about starting this transition in a perfect and happy moment, because life is never perfect. But you should ask yourself if you feel like it and you see yourself capable.

Isabel Álvarez , psychologist, believes it is important to "analyze what are the causes of your overweight: eating regularly away from home for work reasons or social commitments, spending a lot of time alone with easy access to food, impulsiveness when shopping, eat few but very copious meals ... ".

Finding yourself and knowing why you always fail will be the first step towards change.

  1. Do you know your body composition?

Before any diet or exercise, it is not only important to weigh yourself or know our body mass index (BMI), but also what our body is made of.

You can weigh 80kg the same as a guy who has 8% fat and you have a much higher percentage.

To know the amount of muscle, fat, water, etc ... The ideal is to weigh yourself on a precision scale type Tanita , there are various prices with more or less technology. But in pharmacies, sports and nutritional centers they have them.

You can buy one or pay for the study separately in an establishment that has this type of scale.

If you can also take the calorimetry test to know what your basal metabolism is and how many calories you burn at rest, much better.

  1. Adapt your life to your new diet

Nieves Jiménez, nutritionist, recommends not dieting on your own and always put yourself in the hands of a nutrition expert. But being a transition seen in the long term, it does advise several guidelines.

- Do not prohibit food, yes regulate quantities.

- Re-educate yourself and not take it as a diet, it is learning.

- Start small and don't go into a drastic pattern overnight.

- If there is a day or time of weakness, go back to pick up and learn to fail.

- Socialize and have a 'free' lunch or dinner a week . Otherwise, you will not be able to maintain this change over time and achieve goals.

  1. Start weak, finish strong

The ideal is to put yourself in the hands of a physical exercise professional, the graduate, Carlos Quevedo, concludes that it is essential to know your physical condition and start from the bottom .

The goals have to be two months at the most and weigh yourself every fifteen days (not obsessing is important). When we know our excess fat "first we do a low intensity cardio and we will increase it in the second trimester, here we will combine light weight training with HIIT and then we will increase load and more specific exercises to define muscle".

  1. Rest, the key

Sleeping between 7 and 8 hours is essential for muscle and physical recovery, and rest between sessions.

Carlos says that leaving at least one day between sessions is recommended. First start training two days a week, then three and in the last trimester you can go up to four.

Listening to our body is essential to be able to achieve our goals.

  1. Get used to stretching

The exercise specialist, Rodrigo Cuarón, insists on always dedicating ten minutes at the end of each session to stretching.

It is a part that we skip very often because of the rush, but necessary to recover and gain flexibility and mobility. This way we will avoid injuries and shortening of the muscles.

  1. Enjoy the process

It is not a question of making this a tortuous path, but rather pleasant even though there is effort and sacrifice, necessary to change your lifestyle.

Do not give up being who you are, traveling if you like, cooking, and ultimately enjoying this process as a way to feel better.

Sometimes, stopping short in the bad times and remember why you're doing is very good to recharge and go.

  1. Seek support

In training, cooking ... Do not isolate yourself, if you have a partner and can share your new life with her, much better. Company workouts can become one more plan to do with your girl.

It's another way to sweat together, you know.

  1. Allow yourself to fail

Myriam García, a psychologist specializing in job coaching and preparation for failure, highlights the importance of accepting defeats or bad days.

Allow yourself to be down, you are not going to be full 365, nor are you going to always do the perfect diet. There will be times when life overtakes you and it is not your time, you can not move from the sofa or eat a pizza like your head.

Common sense and the human condition must always be present in order to accept ourselves and achieve what we want.


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