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Is 'online fitness' here to stay?


  • Confinement has generated new systems to keep fit at a distance  Trenaver
  • What started out as a necessity has ended up creating a new business niche
  • The question that arises is: will the model remain at the end of the de-escalation?
  • It all started to give us a cape so that our muscles did not get numb more than necessary, prostrate in the armchair under a pound of Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor Cookies on Cookie Dough.
  • Fitnesscenters and yoga instructors, faced with the impossibility of continuing their collective classes in the rigorous spaces due to strict security measures, started offering classes online , via streaming or direct from Instagram , in a fit of solidarity awareness, what the human being has exercised the most in recent months was not going to be just a matter of biceps.
  • But what started out as a pat on the shoulder whispering "come on, we'll get over it!", Has ended up becoming one of those things that are lavished so much now: it's time to reinvent yourself.
  • And in those we are, with an uncertain future in sight and limitations of openings and capacities, in the short and medium term, that tell a movement addict to stop cold. No way! .
  • But whatever they say, this has advantages for everyone: the experts are not mired in the economic damages that a sine die closure generates , and the students, to name them in some way, have the freedom to choose between different disciplines, the moment of the day that suits them best, without restrictions on schedules or locations .
  • It is the magic of the Internet, you can follow the classes of the popular Taryn Toomey livein her studio in Tribeca (New York), the head instructor of celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow or Naomi Watts, or fly virtually to Los Angeles (California) to Follow the 30-minute method of Jennifer Lawrence's trainer, Kit Rich , one of the most followed through her YouTube channel  for offering a quick plan that combines cardio, strength, Pilates and even final stretches.
  • No matter where we are in the corner of the world, the new reality has made us accept an impractical alternative that, far from seeming something provisional, is assuming the new fitness revolution .
  • Although this is not new either, in October 2018 one of the most reputable trend consultants, The Future Laboratory, already predicted this new wave of At-Home Fitness, with an entourage of new devices designed to make fitness more immersive, effective and niche alternative for busy, modern folks.
  • Thus arose platforms such as The Mirror, a digital mirror that shows live and on-demand workouts, including cardio, strength, yoga, Pilates, barre (the new modality derived from ballet), boxing and stretching, a varied cast of sessions with trainers certificates from the best studios in the world to design custom training routines.
  • The more relaxed have the option of Gaia, a large community created with the intention of expanding consciousness with a wide selection of yoga classes, meditation, videos and talks on spirituality in several languages.
  • The slogan that every crisis imposes: adapt to change. Popular studios such as Numen, in Madrid, have already developed their online video-on-demand parcel to continue with the practice of guided yoga at home in a wide time slot.
  • More specific disciplines, such as Erika Sanz'smethod , Booty Shape Movement , have also been launched in virtual mode. His method, a hybrid between fitness and dance, is focused on shaping the gluteus and legs, and offers two training options: Dance , which integrates choreography to develop our most artistic side; and the Training option , to work the muscles more intensively.
  • Particularly focused on the woman's body is Womenfulness®, developed by Lucía Muñoz, a complex method that integrates hypopressive practice, female body awareness and meditation, through postural exercises that deepen the toning of the abdomen, pelvic floor, triceps, buttocks and parts of the muscles that have lost tone.
  • Lucía offers her classes via Zoom, one of the applications that has gained the most popularity in times of pandemic, in this way she can correct live and adapt movements to avoid injuries and make the sessions more effective.
  • Even something as unthinkable as a wellness retreat is now possible to do virtually.
  • Look in the mirroris an online Travel Experience that has been matured by the minds behind the mythical Barquillo Hot Yoga (Madrid), Keila Velón and Rafa Veiga , a pioneering adventure that will be broadcast from June 20 to 21 from a studio in recording fully conditioned in Madrid, and from July 22 to 26, from Nacho Cano's house in Ibiza , with a content panel divided into blocks ranging from initiation methods to hot yoga, Power Hour sessions to improve the practice and deepen in Bikram postures , Pranayama breathing workshops , flexibility, life coach, cooking classes with cleansing recipes or sound baths to enter meditative states.
  • What seems to be making the Covid era clear is that new health and wellness habits are being forged, who knows if only ephemeral, it is likely that when the blockade is gradually removed, we will return en masse to gyms and yoga studios to recover the vital social contact so longed for in recent months, relegating the mat sessions in the living room to mere anecdotes of the past.
  • Is At-Home Fitness hereto stay? Only time will tell??


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