LyoHUB's latest best practice paper on equipment performance qualification now available in open source

June, 2023

The Recommended Best Practices in Freeze Dryer Equipment Performance Qualification 2022 paper has been made available in open source by LyoHUB and can be downloaded at no cost. It has already been downloaded over 1,600 times and is available at

Best practices for performing freeze dryer equipment qualification are recommended, focusing on identifying methods to quantify shelf thermal uniformity (also known as “shelf surface uniformity”), equipment capability, and performance metrics of the freeze dryer essential to the pharmaceutical Quality by Design paradigm. Specific guidelines for performing shelf temperature mapping, freeze dryer equipment limit testing (the capability curve), and condenser performance metrics have been provided. Concerning shelf temperature mapping and equipment capability measurements, the importance of paying attention to the test setup and the use of appropriate testing tools are stressed. In all the guidelines provided, much attention has been paid to identifying the balance between obtaining useful process knowledge, logistical challenges associated with testing in the production environment vs that at laboratory scale, and the frequency of the testing necessary to obtain such useful information. Furthermore, merits and demerits of thermal conditions maintained on the cooled surfaces of the freeze dryer condenser have been discussed identifying the specific influence of the condenser surface temperature on the process conditions using experimental data to support the guidelines. Finally, guidelines for systematic leak rate testing criteria for a freeze dryer are presented. These specific procedural recommendations are based on calculations, measurements, and experience to provide useful process and equipment knowledge.