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6 Full Body Workout with Weights

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Weights are not just many barbells going spare, but it is the correct term for any weights that you have complete control over the movement, pace, and purpose of using it. While the term can get a little confusing, the weights are pieces of equipment that everyone is familiar with, such as dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, barbells, and sand bells.


Working out with weights comes with ample benefits. It helps you build lean muscles, boost bone density, and also hormone health. Weight workouts can help you lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. So, on that note, here are six full-body workouts that you can perform with weights. 

  1. Single-Arm Row


The exercise targets the back and biceps, and you should do two sets of 8-10 reps with 90-secs and then rest and then change sides. You can use cardarine before the workout during the pre-workout. To get it at a lower price, opting to buy Canadian Anabolics online is wise.


Now, to perform a single-arm row, get a table or couch and put your one hand and knee on the table or couch. Position the other leg down parallel to the couch or table. Then hold the dumbbell on the other hand. Have a straight spine and lower the weight to the ground level, and then back up.


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  1. Split Squat 


Split squat helps you train your quads, glutes, and adductors. The exercise challenges coordination, muscular endurance, core stability, and balance. Follow these steps to do the exercise perfectly.


  • Stand with the feet shoulder-width apart, then hold the dumbbells close to the body at the shoulder level.

  • Then lower your hip into a squat position; keep the weight in your heels during this movement and keep your knees tracking, slighting outwards in line with the feet.

  • Take a sharp breath out and then make an explosive movement upwards into a standing position.

  • Hold the weight overhead for a second. Then in a controlled movement, bring the dumbbells back to the starting position, immediately dropping into the squat position.


  1. Hammer Curl Movement


By doing this exercise every day, you can enhance the overall strength and the thickness of both arm and forearm. For doing it properly, stand with a foot planted and shoulder-width apart. Then slightly bend to the knees, the dumbbells held in each hand and palms facing the body. With your chest broad and shoulders packed, take a big breath in and then a sharp breath out, curl the dumbbells up to meet your shoulders.


Make sure that your palms face each other throughout the exercise. Hold the position for a second, squeeze your biceps muscles before you start to lower them in a slow movement back to your standing position.  


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  1. Seated Shoulder Press 


The exercise helps you build your muscles around your shoulder. To get results, you have to work out the exercise for three sets for 13-14 reps. If you make it to 11 reps, use a lighter weight and if you make it to 15 reps, then use a heavier weight. The key for this exercise is to develop your chest, then play around with different grips on the same move to target other muscle groups prominently.


  • Sit down on a chair, table, or a couch

  • Position your legs parallel to each other

  • Have your spine straight and neutral

  • Hold the weights in your hands

  • Place your hands on any one side of your head

  • Then hold the weights up for a few seconds, then again bring it back near your head.

  • Make sure that the movement is straight and not leaning on the sides of the body.


  1. Plank Row 


The plank row exercise targets several key muscle groups in one simple movement. First, you have to place the dumbbells parallel to each other and the palms of your hands facing each other. Make your shoulder straight and balance the weights. 


Try to engage your abdominals and glutes, ensuring that you have a straight line from the shoulders to your ankles. Take a big breath in and then pull your right elbow towards the sky just above the ribs; make sure you have a good balance and do not move.


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  1. Plane Body Twist


The great thing about the training is that it enables you to strengthen and improve your transverse plane's movement. To do it, you have to:


  • Take your dumbbells and their grip and sit on the floor.

  • Elevate your feet a few inches above the ground and hold the weight straight out in front of you; lean back to take your torso 45 degrees to the floor.

  • Keep your chest proud and shoulders packed throughout, turn your torso to the left with engaging the abdominals' and bring the weight down while aligning it to your hip. Now reserve the motion back to the center and then immediately to the other side to repeat the exercise.

Ending Note


Avoiding injuries is the key to working out; you can reduce the chances of risk with a proper warmup that, for a record, is not 5 minutes in a kneeling lunge or scrolling through all the social media platforms. Do not pressurize yourself to do something that your body is resisting, as it can negatively impact you for a long time. Follow the six workouts for your full body and stay healthy and fit like never before. But before starting any of the workouts, consulting with a doctor is a must. 

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