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Why Parents Are Using Cannabis To Cope With Having Kids During Quarantine?


A pandemic isn't new to the human race. However, seeing as we are living in the age of anxiety, where bad news is always at our fingertips, the Covid-19 situation feels like another reason to become consumed with debilitating fear. Even before the Covid-19 situation, most of us were already overwhelmed with life. It is easy to get drawn into everything that is terrible and going on in the world since we can check up on the world online every five minutes.


Social media feeds are there to remind us of what is lacking in our lives. There’s also the stress of having to keep up with everything while looking perfect. Then there are the kids. They have to eat well, preferably organic, gluten-free, and whatever is healthy and trending at the moment. We must care for them, and if possible, we must turn them into protégés or social media stars. 


This is what life is for many parents these days who get caught in the rush of life. So when you add a pandemic to the mix and specifically, a quarantine rule where you are stuck inside, you would have to be a zen master not to feel overwhelmed.

Parents Using Cannabis to Cope

The stats are in, and they prove how overwhelmed parents are during this pandemic. In a new national survey conducted by RedSky Strategy, 720 adults were asked about their cannabis consumption during the quarantine. Fourteen percent of the parents admitted to consuming cannabis to help them cope during this stressful time. 


Sixteen percent of the mothers participating in the survey admitted to using cannabis, compared to 11 percent of fathers. Interestingly, the percentage of mothers using marijuana during this time is twice as much as the percentage of adults without kids in quarantine.

Using Cannabis Responsibly

Promoting getting high while you are taking care of children is irresponsible. What you may not realize is that you can take cannabis and still be a responsible parent. All you must do is choose the right form of cannabis strain like skittles strain.


There are various extractions derived from the cannabis plant. The two most popular ones are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The latter has psychoactive properties, meaning that if you take it, you will get high. 


On the other hand, CBD does not have psychoactive properties. It will not make you high, but it will make you feel calmer, less anxious, energetic, and less stressed.

Why CBD Can be a Safe Coping Mechanism 

Researchers are still analyzing how CBD works on our body, but what they do know so far is that it works mainly on our Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The latter manages our appetite, pain, memory, metabolism, mood, reproductive, and immune system, thanks to the body’s CB1 and CB2 receptors.


What researchers believe so far is that CBD stimulates these receptors. CBD's therapeutic effects have been noted on the serotonin receptors. Low levels of serotonin are associated with people suffering from anxiety and depression. Researchers believe that CBD can help activate this receptor to help us fight off anxiety and feel mentally better.


Researchers have also seen evidence of CBD's effects on vanilloid receptors. These receptors help us manage pain, body temperature, and inflammation. CBD's effects on the PPARS- nuclear receptors have also been noted. The latter are those that help manage our insulin and other metabolic functions, among other things.

Using CBD to Cope with Having Kids During the Quarantine

All this scientific talk means nothing if it doesn't prove useful to parents during this stressful time. But think about it, more than ever, you must be calm, caring, and energetic. 


Now that quarantine is in session, you must be a teacher for your children and a full-time carer. There is laundry and cooking to be done. Then there is your career, which needs its level of attention. With all this responsibility, it is easy to snap and struggle. 


What quality CBD products like CBD gummies, edibles, topicals do help you think clearly, feel more relaxed, and give you more energy to deal with everything and everyone. If you are looking to purchase CBD make sure to check out EMH For CBD Wholesale Pricing.


Anxiety as a Contagious Condition

You may be doing your best to keep your family safe from the virus, but you may be forgetting about another disorder which is as infectious as the virus — anxiety. 


The American Journal of Psychiatry’s 2015 study revealed that even when parents try to protect their children from their anxiety, the latter can still be contagious. "Our research shows that even if you have to cope with high levels of anxiety yourself, it’s not inevitable that this will follow in your children," explains Professor Thalia Eley, lead researcher of the study. 


"There are several things that can be accomplished at home to prevent or reduce anxiety in children and adolescents. Whilst a natural tendency when your child is anxious is to try to protect them, it can be more helpful to support them in taking small age-appropriate risks. This will teach them that the world is generally a safe place and they can manage situations that initially seem stressful, developing their sense of mastery and, in turn, promoting resilience."

Staying Safe and Mentally Strong

While the pandemic situation is stressful, it would be better to see it as an opportunity to regroup and focus on what is essential in life. As a parent, your responsibilities have only expanded at the moment, and you must be present to help your children manage their fears during this time. 


Whether you choose to ask a professional to guide you to the right CBD for you or choose another form of therapy like exercise, music, or meditation, remember that you are not a robot, and you need as much care as your children


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