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Ray Mirra Career Highlights

Ray Mirra was born in 1940 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His father was a United States Army Officer and his mother was a school teacher. Ray learned to speak French at a young age, although he was fluent in English throughout his life. He attended Le Cordon Bleu in Philadelphia, where he earned a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering. Ray Mirra was a member of the Phi Sigma Society and worked as an architect during the war.

After the war Ray began a career as an engineer and later became a mechanical consultant with Ray Engineering Company in Los Angeles, California. Ray invented the automatic glass removal system for doors and glass panels. The system is still in use today. Some of the Ray Mirra career highlights include:

He founded the company Ray and Associates, which developed the fiberglass monofilament material that is used in many of today's window blinds, shades and sashes. Ray invented the photoelectric effect used in many of today's window tinting. Ray designed and built the Ray Ban filter that is popular with many Americans today. Ray Mirra died in a plane crash in Santa Monica, California.

Ray's son Paul founded the Paul Ray product line. Ray became very well known in the alternative market. He promoted the use of green technology, alternative energy and consciousness raising. He has become a celebrity.

As you read about Ray's early life you will find many career highlights. Ray started his business in the garage while attending Wheaton College in Illinois. There he earned a degree in marketing. Ray worked for United States Steel Corporation and then started his own company. Ray worked with Ray Ban in the early 80's and helped develop and produce their colored contact lens.

Later Ray became involved with the Environmental Defense's Clean Air Act and was instrumental in getting the Clean Air Act passed. Ray went on to direct several successful environmental campaigns. Some of these included the planting of trees in the Arctic and the establishment of the world's largest carbon dioxide tracking station in Wyoming. He also played an important role in the drafting of the National Parks Conservation Act. Ray became the first U.S Senator to ride in a bicycle race across the country.

Today Ray has continued to be an influential leader and voice in our society. He has traveled all over the world and has shared his experiences with people from all walks of life. He has written five books of his adventures and has raised millions of dollars for cancer research. He has been involved with the cause for a number of years. Ray has always remained positive in his outlook and is never negative. While he was traveling the country in a van with a clock and light bulb attached to it, a man robbed him at gun point.


Ray began working as a journalist when he was just thirty-two years old. He went on to write for several newspapers before becoming a full-time author. As a writer Ray Mirra has won several major awards including the Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Reporting and the Peabody and Lifetime Achievement Award from the College of Communication Arts and Sciences.

A strong leadership skills and a natural ability to inspire people are the main attributes which have allowed Ray Mirra to reach the level of success that he has attained. Ray is a great public speaker and relates well in front of the camera. Many of his speeches end with a plea to give generously to help those who are in need. Ray is very passionate about helping people. This passion has brought people from all over the world to learn more about Ray's work and to support his mission.

In his book "Raymond David Ray: An autobiography" he provides a list of his career highlights. Among the topics he discusses are the Space Shuttle program, his work with the Peace Corps, traveling, writing, and his advocacy for breast cancer research. Ray has traveled all around the world and has received many awards for his contributions to society. Ray has become an advocate for many things including animals, education, AIDS awareness and cancer research. As time has gone by Ray's career has taken him to many new and exciting places.

Ray Mirra is a great example of how one can achieve great success with effort and hard work. He has managed to combine these two elements to achieve some amazing career highlights in his field. People young and old admire Ray Mirra for the work that he has done and for the way he relates to others. His enthusiasm for helping people is evident in the work that he does and all the efforts that he makes to make people aware of causes and issues that are important to them.

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