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Ray Mirra Philadelphia PA Cricket Analyst

There is no denying that Philadelphia Pennsylvania Cricket Association (PCA) Managing Editor Ray Mirra is one of the best in the business. A true cricketing expert with over 20 years of playing and coaching experience, Ray has managed to win the heart of thousands of cricket fans in the world. In fact, he is considered as the voice of choice by many leading cricketers in the world.

In terms of playing, Ray is not one to miss a chance. With a plethora of experience in both the IPL, Ray has captained the Hyderabadizards for three IPL seasons. He has also led his team to three IPL finals, winning once and taking the trophy to New Delhi, which is considered as one of the three true giants in the world of cricket. This speaks volumes about the man's knowledge of the game and the longevity it takes to achieve such heights.

True Fan of Cricket

As a commentator for the PCA, Ray has not only won the hearts of millions of cricket enthusiasts around the world, but he has also helped many other teams to win too. And this is not all. He has also been the host of numerous television programs, one of which was telecast on the MSN network.

The voice of excellence himself, Ray is known for his straight forward and straight to the point manner. Many people do compare him with Sachin Tendulkar, but with a refreshing perspective. While Tendulkar is known to speak his mind, Ray is more restrained. However, with a passion for the game, he does not shy away from expressing his opinion on various issues related to the sport. Even if he has something to say about something that is generally not mentioned in the public eye, people take note and are impressed with his straight forward approach to cricket.

Ray is not afraid of controversy and often comes out with tongue-lashing remarks while commenting on matches and on different issues related to cricket. Some have compared him to commentary channels, which are often controversial. There are people who applaud his candidature as a commentator for multiple reasons, while there are others who do not want him to get involved in that field. As a result of being involved in so many discussions, Raymond Mirra has become something of an icon for many people. He is known to be a great sports junkie and a true fan of cricket.

Coaches and Management Teams

In fact, he has covered almost all the different aspects of cricket. He has interviewed players, coaches and management teams. In fact, he has even done interviews of fans who do not support any particular team or player. This has helped people to see beyond bias and get a clear and unbiased view about the games.

Cricket is a game that has many facets and there is always something going on behind the scenes. It is very easy to be influenced by the way a team or player is performing in a match and to create an impression about them based on that. However, this is not cricket as we know it. Cricket is a bit different and there are several other factors that influence the outcome of a match. The Philadelphia Pennsylvania Cricket Analyst has to go a step further to analyze the game and the strategies that are implemented on the ground by players, coaches and officials.

One such aspect is the fitness level of players. You cannot simply say that a player is unfit and expect the same to happen in a match. Every individual's body metabolism differs and it is this that imparts Ray Silva with his knowledge about fitness. This is something that few other analysts have been able to achieve.

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