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Ray Mirra : Biography – Also Known as Raymond Mirra Jr

Ray Mirra is one of the most recognized and talented dentists of our time. His clinics are found in some of the finest medical centers of the world. Ray Mirra practices family dentistry focusing on pediatric patients, where he is also known for his work with children's dental implants. He enjoys traveling and lecturing internationally on the importance of oral hygiene. He is a founding member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Ray Mirra grew up in Brooklyn and earned a B.A. in chemistry at the City College of New York. While attending oral surgery school in Philadelphia, he was a finalist in his bid to become a professional neurosurgeon. After this surgical residency, Ray left to open his own private practice in a small town in western Pennsylvania.

Ray's early work as a dental assistant and lab technician gave him the foundation of what would become a successful career in dentistry. Ray spent two years in Italy studying under the direction of Dr. Silvia Bello. During this time he gained valuable experience in many different aspects of dentistry. Ray worked first in Bello's clinic as an assistant to the lab director. Ray worked his way up to the position of lab director eventually serving as the chief dental surgeon for the entire hospital.

Ray Mirra Schools

Ray Mirra Schools has one of the most well rounded collections of undergraduate and graduate programs. From the fine arts to business Ray Mirra has developed many exceptional graduates to work alongside of him throughout his long tenure as an oral surgeon. In addition to the full time clinical program, Ray Mirra offers the clinical rotations and practicum at the Ray Mirra Veteran's Institute. The VPI is one of only schools in the country that offers this type of experiential program to its students.

As one of only a few schools in the nation with two veteran's clinics, Ray Mirra Veterans has been active in supporting the needs of its returning veterans for many years. Students can expect to take classes in a number of different areas including emergency care, orthopedics, geriatrics, trauma, physical therapy and more. There are even several options for students interested in psychiatric nursing. Students in this particular program are also given the opportunity to gain employment upon graduation. These employees are able to take advanced courses and obtain certifications upon their graduation.

Wide Variety Of Student Populations

Ray Mirra also prides itself on its excellent interdisciplinary program and the ability to adapt to a wide variety of student populations. Students who are not comfortable taking classes in a certain area can choose to enroll in a special study program. Students also have the option of selecting electives in a variety of different areas including government, public health, dental medicine, pediatrics and more. In addition to the campus life at Ray Mirra, students also have the opportunity to enjoy many recreational and cultural experiences off campus as well.

The many cultural activities and events that are hosted by Ray Mirra each year provide students with a unique experience. In addition to hosting such events on campus, students also have the option of attending local events off campus as well. Students are also encouraged to explore a number of different extracurricular activities including photography contests, student newspapers, student organizations and more. Ray Mirra has also established many educational partnerships with local organizations such as the Ray VA Medical Center and the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Students who are interested in a rewarding career in teaching are also encouraged to consider Raymond Mirra as a possible school for their children. Ray Mirra offers many professional teaching opportunities for individuals wishing to become teachers in elementary, middle school and high school. For students who are interested in working with children, Ray Mirra's campus life provides a wonderful choice for college teaching professionals looking to make the transition to the classroom from the world of academe.

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