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  1. Effective ways of improving essay writing skills

    08 Dec 2018 | Posted by Valeriia Vznsnsk

    Writing is a time-consuming skill that requires effort to learn, however, does not mean it is impossible to grasp. It can also be intimidating especially to new writers without...

  2. Rush Essay History

    19 Nov 2018 | Posted by Antony Maerson

    Own skills of students are observed and valued by the educational lecturers over and done with assigning them to write on diverse original assignment topics, consequently, students are qualified...

  3. Why You Need to Get Writing Help from Professionals

    21 May 2018 | Posted by Edu Guys

    College work is demanding, and many students find themselves in situations where they may not know what is best for them. Are you in a position where you do not know what you need to do? Are you...

  4. Drug Delivery Experiments

    17 Oct 2012 | | Contributor(s):: Stephanie Farrell

    Attached are five files detailing four separate experiments that are designed to be used in an undergraduate curriculum. The alginate bead experiment utilizes an alginate hydrogel drug delivery system to affect the rate at which a dye or protein is released. The lozenge experiment is a drug...