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Drug Delivery Experiments

By Stephanie Farrell

Rowan University



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Attached are five files detailing four separate experiments that are designed to be used in an undergraduate curriculum. The alginate bead experiment utilizes an alginate hydrogel drug delivery system to affect the rate at which a dye or protein is released. The lozenge experiment is a drug release experiment that involves dissolving a lozenge to find an experimental drug release profile and comparing results against a mathematical model, and determining the concentration of the dissolved drug in a solution. The tablet experiment investigates a swellable polymer matrix drug delivery system and its effect on a drug's release rate when factors such as molecular weight, composition, and concentration of the API are changed. Also included is a lab used to find the degradation rate of aspirin, to help students understand zero, first, and second order reactions. The instructor's key is attached for the aspirin lab.

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