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Scale Up in Rotary Calciners (SURC)

By Bereket Yohannes1, Alberto Cuitino

1. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Rutgers University

Predicts temperature distribution in rotating calciners for various particle properties and operating conditions

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Version 1.1 - published on 05 Jul 2017

This tool is closed source.

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SURC is a Matlab based graphic user interface that computes the temperature distribution of particles in rotating calciners (also known as kilns or simply drums). The input parameters for SURC include the thermal, mechanical, and physical properties of the particles, and the operating conditions  (such as the fill level, speed of rotation, and size of calciners). The output includes the minimum, maximum, and average temperature of the particles, and important time parameters that describe the rate of heat transfer. The theories for SURC are based on the article by Scale-up in Rotary Calciners group of  Rutgers Catalyst Manufacturing Consortium. The current version is limited to particle-particle and calciner-particles heat conduction. 


B. Yohannes, H. Emady, K. Anderson, I. Paredes, M. Javed, W. Borghard, F. J. Muzzio, B. J. Glasser, and A. M. Cuitiño, Scaling of heat transfer and temperature distribution in granular flows in rotating drums, Phys. Rev. E 94, 042902 (2016)

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