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Version 1.2 - published on 05 Jun 2014

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'Guideline Viewer' is a tool for visualizing heuristic knowledge which can't be modeled using mathematical equations. The tool by itself is an ontology editor, called Protege. A package named 'Graph Widget' is used in Protege to visualize the heuristic knowledge in the form of 'Guidelines'. The advantages of the heuristic knowledge stored in the form of 'guidelines' as above is that it is 1) Computer interpretable 2) Portable 3)Sharable and 4) Revisiting the knowledge is possible. The guidelines are built based on ontology called 'Guideline Ontology'. The basis for the ontology is GLIF functionality. GLIF stands for 'GuideLine Interchange Format'. This technology has been widely used by the medical informatics community for sharing the clinical guidelines. The guidelines are built using the basic steps such as state step, branch step, action step, decision step, synchronization step, case step etc. It should be noted that the guideline knowledge is 'STATIC'. The execution of guidelines is possible using the technology called GLEE (GuideLine Execution Engine) developed again by the medical informatics community. It is important to update the knowledge regularly. The 'Guideline Viewer' currently has guidelines built for two aspects 1) 'Formulation aspects such as Route and Excipient Selection' for tablet dosage form and 2) Mill selection for size reduction of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient). The references below are to be used for more information on the guideline tool.


Guideline for solvent selection for wet milling


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