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The SafeRx project is a collaboration between the Center for Medication Safety Advancement (CMSA) at the College of Pharmacy and the Rosen Center for Advanced Computing at Purdue University. See SafeRx Database Enables Large-scale of Prescription Medication Safety Only authorized users can access the SafeRx Database.

Data Explorer for FDA FAERS Data

You can enter search criteria for drugs, reactions, outcomes, demographics and more! Dataviews generate in seconds, and you can use the column filters to refine your search as you investigate ADEs for your selected drugs.

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Tips for using your Data Explorer
Make sure your browser allows pop-up windows.
Review the FDA FAERS Data Dictionary
Click any magnifying glass to search the complete FAERS list of choices for your criteria. There are more than 200,000 choices for Drugs - the search list helps you review all possibilities. Copy and paste from the search list for your criteria.
Hover over any checkbox for details on how it affects your search.

Dataviews for FDA NDC Data

Package Data

Product Data

Package Data: shows the package description and NDC package code. The product ID links to the NDC product.
Product Data: shows the complete NDC manufacturer product information.
SafeRx was used by the Evidence-based Practice Course in Purdue University's School of Nursing to compare data from Twitter social media tweets to adverse drug events data reported to the FDA

Database features available for authorized SafeRx administrators only

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Top 20 Drugs &
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Medication Safety and Adverse Events: Dataviews are used for research investigations into medication safety -- to find answers and to discover links for adverse drug events. SafeRx presents data from FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS) and from FDA National Drug Code Directory. New sources of adverse drug event data will be added to SafeRx on an ongoing basis. Users can search, filter, link, explore and download adverse drug events data from the SafeRx Database. FAERS Data Elements: Definition, Interpretation and Assessment (SaferRx administrators only)


The FDA FAERS "Raw Data" Dataviews (SafeRx administrators only)

All Dataviews have Primary and Case IDs that link to Case Summary Reports. Drugs in the Case Summary Reports are primary suspect or secondary suspect. These are very long-running dataviews. Use them only when you want to view all FAERS data WITHOUT a search filter. Otherwise, you should use the FAERS Data Explorer.








FAERS Analytics Long-Running Dataviews (SafeRx administrators only)

Demographic Statistics
events by gender, age, weight

Demographic Statistics
Reporting Fequencies
reports by source, geography,manufacturer. Report totals link to drug list.

by Source

by Nation

by Drug Manufacturer
Drug and Reaction Detail
correspondence of reactions and drugs

Common Reactions for Drug

Drugs associated with Reaction