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Version 2.3beta3r8 - published on 23 Jun 2014

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SWOOP is a user-friendly ontology browser and editor, designed specifically for use with OWL Ontology files. It is available as a pharmaHUB tool, and can be used to explore our Product Formulation Knowledge Base.

Click on the Presentation Slides under Supporting Documents to see the simple instructions for using SWOOP to explore the pharmaHUB formulation knowledge base.

SWOOP was developed by the MIND lab at the University of Maryland, College Park, but is now an open source project. It is a hypermedia inspired ontology editor that employs a web-browser metaphor for its design and use. SWOOP is more effective in terms of acceptance and ease-of-use for the average web user, since it presents a simpler, more consistent and familiar framework for dealing with ontology data. The SWOOP system is meant for rapid, easy browsing and development of OWL ontologies.

See the SWOOP Web Site for more information.

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