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Roller Compactor

By Kamal Kuriyan

Purdue University

Calculate nip angle, normal and shear stresses for roller compactor using Johanson's model

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Version 1.2 - published on 05 Jun 2014

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The impact of material properties and process parameters are determined using a continuum model. Normal stresses for roller compaction are calculated from Johanson's rolling theory. The boundary between the slip and nip regions is calculated using Johanson's criterion, i.e. gradients of stress in slip and nip regions are assumed to be equal at nip angle. Shear stresses are calculated from the normal stresses using the method of Schonert and Sander.

Roll Gap / Roll Diameter,
Effective angle of friction,
Applied feed pressure,
Horizontal load ratio,

Normal stress plot,
Shear stress plot,
Nip angle,
Slip region gradient plot,
Nip region gradient plot.


Model developed by A.J. Hlinak,
pharmaHUB tool developed by K. Kuriyan,
Pharmaceutical Technology and Education Center,
Discovery Park, Purdue Univeristy


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Schonert, K., Sander, U. (2002) Shear stresses and material slip in high pressure roller mills. Powder Technol, 122(2-3), 136-144.

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