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By Stephen Dion Stamatis1, Michael McLennan2, Lee Kirsch

1. University of Iowa 2. Purdue University

Pharmacokinetic simulator

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Version 1.2 - published on 23 Jun 2014

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pHUBpk is a suite of active learning environments for exploring the relationships between pharmacokinetics and drug properties, administration modalities and patient characteristics in a Bayesian framework. The underlying computations are based on recently published physiologically-based pharmacokinetic disposition and route-of-administration models. Drug substances and/or their properties can be input by the user or selected from a library of BCS class 1 compounds. Patients can be selected from several subpopulations across rat and human species. Uncertainty in the input parameters can be explored with Monte Carlo sampling. At the heart of each of the exploration tools is a 13-18 compartment model of drug disposition. The Understanding Drug Distribution (UDD) tool facilitates users exploration of the link between physicochemical properties of drug substances and their distribution throughout the body. Users can vary properties of the drug or species like such as logP or hematocrit, to see the effect on the steady state volume of distribution and time to equilibration in each of the tissues. Other tools will be added to the suite as time goes on.

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