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By Linas Mockus1, Alina Alexeenko1

1. Purdue University


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Published on 23 Jun 2015, unpublished on 27 Jul 2015 All versions

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The program predicts product temperature at the sublimation interface based on pseudo steady-state heat and mass transfer model

INPUT PARAMETERS: Fill volume (V), Solids concentration (c), Shelf heat transfer coefficient (Tsh), Cross sectional area of the product in the vial (Ap), Vial area calculated based on outside diameter (Av), Dry layer mass transfer resistance parameters: Rphat=R0+A1*l/(1+A2*l), where l is thiskness of dry layer at any time Shelf temperature, Chamber pressure (Pch)

OUTPUT: Product temperature versus time chart, 

               Product pressure versus time chart,

               Sublimation rate versus time chart,

               Dried layer thickness versus time chart



M.J. Pikal Excel based Lyo Calculator


M.J. Pikal, Use of Laboratory Data in Freeze Drying Process Design: Heat and Mass Transfer Coefficients and the Computer Simulation of Freeze Drying

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