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Alkaline Penicillin G Hydrolysis

By Lee Kirsch, Stephen Dion Stamatis1

1. University of Iowa

Simulate hydrolysis of penicillin G

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Version 1.2 - published on 23 Jun 2014

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Study penicillin G hydrolysis in aqueous solutions at 30 C in the presence of various amine, hydroxyl and sulfhydryl buffer systems. Choose the buffer and the concentrations of the acidid and basic forms of the buffer. The pH will be determined based on your choices. Choose time points for sampling the substrate and a product (penicilloic acid). Simulate the degradation study and use the resultant concentration time profiles to determine the reaction scheme and rate laws. Use this information to propose mechanisms for individual reaction pathways. Simulated data (contains error) can be output to .csv files and then used with your favorite plotting and analysis softward.

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