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Towards intelligent decision support for pharmaceutical product development

By venkat1, Rex Reklaitis1, laelaf1, pradeepsuresh1

1. Purdue University

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Developing pharmaceutical product formulation in a timely manner and ensuring quality is a complex process that requires a systematic, science-based approach. Information from various categories, including properties of the drug substance and excipients, interactions between materials, unit operations, and equipment is gathered. Knowledge in different forms, including heuristics, decision trees, correlations, and first-principle models is applied. Decisions regarding processing routes, choice of excipients, and equipment sizing are made based on this information and knowledge. In this work, we report on the development of a software infrastructure to assist formulation scientists in managing the information, capturing the knowledge, and providing intelligent decision support for pharmaceutical product formulation.


Chunhua Zhao, Ankur Jain, Leaelaf Hailemariam, Pradeep Suresh, Pavankumar Akkisetty, Girish Joglekar, Venkat Venkatasubramanian, Gintaras Reklaitis, Ken Morris and Prabir Basu.

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