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Workshop on Pharmaceutical Engineering for Undergraduate Engineering Education

By Mariano J. Slavelski1, C. Stewart Slater1

1. Rowan University



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This download contains lecture slides that were used during a workshop at the American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) Summer School, held in Orono, Maine from July 21-26, 2012. The goal of this download is to present the essential elements of pharmaceutical engineering relevant to chemical engineering education. Methods of circular enhancement, including homework problems/illustrative examples, demonstrations, laboratory experiments, and course integration into introductory chemical engineering courses, are described. An introductory lecture is supplied, which includes a primer on pharmaceutical engineering, drug manufacturing information, and examples of drug delivery systems. A problem sets lecture is also supplied, and includes a Pharma Life Cycle Analysis tutorial. The final lecture is a tutorial for using and for finding information on the website.

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