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Integrating Pharmaceutical Concepts into Introductory Chemical Engineering Courses - Part I

By Stephanie Farrell, Mariano J. Savelski, C. Stewart Slater

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The following problem sets are designed by Rowan University faculty and students to be used in introductory chemical engineering courses involving basic engineering calculations, material and energy balances. These problems integrate basic terminology and calculations related to pharmaceutical applications into existing topics covered in the chemical engineering curriculum. The material is organized to follow topics usually covered in the first chemical engineering course such as introduction to engineering calculations, process variables, material balances, single and multiphase systems, energy and energy balances. Each problem has some relationship to a drug manufacturing process (or unit operation), drug delivery, or basic science of drug formulation, regulations, etc. References and web-links are provided in each problem as appropriate.


ERC for Structured Organic Particulate Systems

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