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Paper writing website that uses pictures as descriptive writing prompt. Because it doesn't present specific wording, or any wording at all, a picture is an excellent method to spark your student writers' imaginations in different ways. Each of your students is likely to provide a different description of the photograph or base a completely unique story upon it. An example of a photograph from the site that will get your students' creative juices going is a picture of a cabin the middle of the woods. Many people describe the look and feel of houses in different ways, so this picture prompt should elicit a lot of different perspectives. Offers different themes including seasonal picture prompts, holiday celebration photographs, vegetation, and environments. These photographs can be chosen in accordance with what is currently being studied in class in order to encourage cross-disciplinary studies.

Descriptive-Essay offers prompts such as "how to make toothpicks" and "how to brush teeth without hurting yourself." These are topics that are rarely considered and make great writing prompts because they force "out of the box" thinking

Descriptive Essay Prompts for Elementary School Children
4Teachers' descriptive essay prompts are appropriate for younger students who are beginning write my essay for me and creative writing assignments. One of these assignments per class period would help students develop their creativity and their descriptive writing abilities. For elementary school students, a few good writing prompts are: "Name five things you do on a rainy day" or "Describe your dream playroom in great detail."

Creativity comes from within, but it is something that must be cultivated in order to grow. Writing prompts are a foolproof method to help students develop their descriptive writing. But descriptive essay prompts have no age limit and are a good exercise for adult writers, too. Practice descriptive writing every day if you want to grow as a writer, no matter your age.