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Metzenbaum Scissors - A Good Option for Easy Tissue Dissection for Veterinary Community.

Surgical scissors are used during an operation by surgeons to cut tissues inside the human body or at the surface. Tissue dissection is done by sliding the sharpened edges of the scissors against each other. During the dissection process, precision is very important for better healing of the wound.  Bluntness and floppy joints can cause a shearing effect which must be avoided. Usually, scissors are designed according to the needs of right-handed persons. However, high-quality scissors that exhibit good tension can also facilitate left-handed users. The surgical scissors are usually made of stainless material with Tungsten Carbide inserts.

Metzenbaum Scissors are widely used for tissue dissection. They are specifically designed to make the process of dissection as smooth and easy as possible. These scissors are ideal for use in dental, obstetrical, gynecological, dermatological, and ophthalmological surgeries. They usually come with a blunt tip design for deep tissue dissection with a minimum amount of damage. They are delicate and do not give room for much flexibility. You can find them in multiple styles and sizes. You can either get straight or curved scissors to suit your surgical requirements. The slightly long shank-to-blade ratio gives more control over this tool to the user. The ring handles fit comfortably in hand and ensure a good handgrip. They are also available in SuperCut and Super Sharp designs to make the dissection process smooth and quick. The surgeon can use whichever one he finds suitable depending upon his personal preference and the surgical procedure at hand. Metzenbaum dissecting scissors with color coating allow the surgeon to identify them easily during the surgery. The German forged stainless material makes them strong and robust. These scissors can be reused after proper sterilization.

Different Designs and Their Advantages

Let’s discuss all the designs and styles that Metzenbaum Scissors are available in and their usages in detail.

Super Cut Design

Dissecting scissors with SuperCut design are used for a swift and smooth cutting process. This design includes razor-sharp, micro-serrated blades that cut tissues and organs efficiently. The small blades with a long shank can be inserted into confined and narrow surgical spaces that are harder to reach with other scissors.

Super Sharp Design

Super Sharp Design of the Metzenbaum dissecting scissors increases the control and precision of the scissors. They fit comfortably in hand and can cut through tissues and organs easily.

Straight Design

Dissecting scissors are also available in a straight or curved design. The scissors with a straight design are most commonly used for cutting surface tissues. They have a standard beveled blade.

Curved Design

Scissors with a curved design allow the user to penetrate deeper into the wound. These scissors can be used for dissecting deep and dense tissues and organs.

Blunt Tip design

Metzenbaum scissors come with a carefully designed blunt tip that lacks sharpness.  The soft-edged blunt tip blades make the instrument atraumatic as they make it easier to perform the cutting action safely with minimal damage.

Color Coated Design

These scissors are also available in color-coated versions. Such scissors are preferred by surgeons everywhere. The color helps in identifying the instrument. Some instruments are gold-coated, while others have black-colored ring holders. Black and gold colors can occur simultaneously on different holders of the same scissors.

Tungsten Carbide Inserts:

These scissors are usually made of stainless material. However, some may come with Tungsten Carbide inserts. The use of Tungsten Carbide increases the strength of the instrument to a remarkable extent which makes the instrument durable and reliable for use during surgeries.


These scissors have the ability to withstand high temperatures and surrounding environmental pressure. This increases their durability to a great extent and makes these surgical scissors ideal for use during surgery.

Gum Scissors:

These scissors have a smaller size and design than the standard dissecting scissors. They are used to increase precision and ease the cutting process. The surgeon can use them according to his needs and preferences.

Metzenbaum VS Mayo Scissors

Just like Metzenbaum Scissors, Mayo Scissors can also be used for tissue dissection. These scissors have a similar design; however, they differ in structural properties. Mayo scissors are less delicate. They are often called suture or material scissors. They can cut the material that requires higher power during the cutting process, such as, sutures, meshes, rubber, etc.

Metzenbaum Scissors are much more delicate in structure than Mayo Scissors. They are ideally suited for cutting fragile tissues and organs. They have a longer handle to blade ratio and narrow middles sections. The long shanks help in getting excellent haptic feedback. While using these scissors, the surgeon is able to feel the structure of the dissected tissue, i.e., whether it is hard or soft. High-quality Metzenbaum Dissecting Scissors should not be used to cut sutures, sponges, or meshes.

Where can I find them?

GerVetUSA Inc. is an ideal destination for purchasing surgical instruments. They manufacture great quality surgical instruments with different variations and sizes to suit the customer’s needs and requirements. These scissors are also available with all the specifications and properties discussed above. Here, you can buy best quality German forged stainless scissors with Tungsten Carbide inserts manufactured by expert craftsmen. You can also purchase color-coated straight or curved scissors with SuperCut or SuperSharp ability to enhance your performance during an operation.

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