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Term Paper Quotes

The Term paper quotes can be done by simply copying the exact phrase or sentence in a document. Usually, this is done to make sure that you can write a credible research paper. For most term papers, this act is simply called a citation. As long as you will acknowledge the very source of your information, then you are actually referencing the other document. There are certain rules to follow when doing term paper quote procedures. These are all evident when you do citations even for some sample term papers.

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You are trying to prove your claim in the thesis statement. Therefore, the only way to do it is to find resource materials that will support your claim and argument. It is not that easy to do this but possible. You only need to capture the part of a document and integrate it to your paper. Then you can put quotation marks because you are telling your readers that you got the information somewhere else. Also, it is a good way of telling your source that you are acknowledging his work.


The term paper citation has two popular types of formats. You can use the APA format for most science-based topics. On the other hand, you can use the MLA format for some other topic scopes like humanities and the arts. This way, you can divide your process into two categories of citing your resources.


The APA requires you to put the author’s name and the year of publication after the closing quotation marks. It should look like this …” (garner, 1998). On the other hand, the MLA format is similar, but the publishing years should be replaced with the page number of your source like this one …”.

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