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    Our age has something to say always because whenever we grow, we get something good bust our life is like football match we live in half time factor. Like when second half start in the match we are sure within sometime match is going to get over and to win that battle we need to be strong in terms of goal so that attackers will not defeat us.

    Applying same philosophy to our life our life also starts its second phase around the age group of 40 and people who ignored their health get such results in the second phase of their life. So we need to maintain our self when we reach that age and people who are already in that age group should consider and concentrate on keeping us healthy. There are some typical problem we 40 year people face in their life and always surrounded with such issues, here are some points that will help them to get cured from such issues.

    1) Knee Joints – Most of the people who cross their age found their knee are hurting and they always strive to come out of it but still live with that pain. Most of the people are not used to of walking or running and this thing makes their bones week and to avoid that one should start putting some stress on knees and should eat something that will provide natural lubrication to knees and other joints.

    2) Diabetes – This another health issue which is commonly found in people which is nothing but the result of overeating or eating sugar loaded food. It is required to eat such food in limited quantity irrespective of how much tasty it is.

    3) Protecting Eyes – As we grow older, our eyes also get stressed and tired and one has to keep strong control on their eyes and vision too. Using sunglasses in sunlight, regular eye check ups, vision measurements are the such tests which help to known health condition of your eyes.

    4) Stress – Most of the people are in the business or working somewhere and their work pressure put much stress on them and they start looking like 60s at the age of 40s. The only reason is “stress” and one should just keep it outside their life. Living like without stress always helps people to be healthy and happy.

    40s is the half time and it’s up to you how you win the match in second half..