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What to Do if Unable to print E-filing in QuickBooks Desktop?

If you are planning to e-file, be sure that you have received a letter with your Identification number and Web Access Code.  If you have not received it or have inadvertently discarded it, then you would have to resend it and take information.  However, if you are unable to print e-filing in QuickBooks Desktop, follow the steps mentioned below. 

Before starting the process with QuickBooks, always make sure that all that your employees have all their personal info including birth date, SIN, employment and compensation info completed.   

Required Steps if unable to print e-filing in QuickBooks Desktop

Some of the steps that are required if unable to print e-filing in QuickBooks Desktop

1) From the toolbar Select employees or payroll forms and Process T4s
2) Be sure that you have checked the applicable calendar year for which you are filing the T4s and choose the original form. 
3) Go and Check all employees
4) At the bottom of the screen choose the option of review.
5) Carefully review each form for reasonableness. 
6) Now, Print employee copies. 
7) You should always consider keeping a copy for your own files as it offers for quick reference when employees lose forms or if the CRA has questions etc. 
8) It is useful to print the forms to a PDF installed printer as you will maintain a permanent record of these in case they have to be reprinted, reviewed or resent to CRA. 
9) After printing, you have to choose the e-file option.
10) QuickBooks automatically generates an e-file number and asks for a transmitter number. 
11) You should print and save this as it has the transmission details.
12) If you have underpaid the payroll deductions then CRA will send you a letter asking to explain the difference along with a notice of assessment.

When slips are submitted electronically, they become available as part of CRA and if still you are unable to print e-filing in QuickBooks Desktop, you can take the help of experts. 

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