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How To Do QuickBooks Integration With QuickBooks POS?

QuickBooks POS is basically used for managing the inventory as well as sales. The tool has basically two versions, one of them is pro and other is Basic. The main motive of the QuickBooks Bookkeeping software is to offer the accounting and bookkeeping solutions. It is imperative that one should know how to do QuickBooks Integration with Quickbooks POS because there are multiple functionalities and features in the QuickBooks POS tool. One of the primary functions of the tool is to hit a perfect balance between the number of transactions that your company is doing with the clients or vice versa so that you can put away lot of your time and can maximize your productivity.

Steps for QuickBooks integration with QuickBooks POS

1) Go to QuickBooks Desktop and tap on the Company file option.

2) Choose the option of Preferences tab on the QuickBooks POS.

3) After that, Hit on the Financial tab.

4) Select the given option that says you can use with QuickBooks.

5) After that, you need to open the Company File and you will see a pop window before you.

6) Hit on the Next button that is followed by finish.

7) Under the Financial Tab option you will see the option of Accounts and click on it.

8) After that, you can run and verify all the income and see all the transactions that have been recorded earlier.

9) Tap on the advanced tab, and then click on the option of Chart of Accountants.

By following all these steps of QuickBooks Integration with QuickBooks POS, it essential to integrate and can eliminate the risk of recording a wrong transaction and you can access it with every device and at any point of time of the day.

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