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6 Latest Worth-Buying Vape Packaging

Every product requires some set of packaging. The main purpose of this, however, can either be just for protection or more than that. It really depends on how a brand carries it. These packages are used to cover all the relevant information regarding that particular product. Vape packaging is the ideal solution for providing meticulous information on E-cigarettes. It also contains information like precautionary measures and things you will find inside the box. These packages come with various styles of an inscription of labels. Usually, a logo is stamped on top of it to showcase your brand to your customers. These packages are often manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes. Materials used for manufacturing purposes can vary. Mostly Kraft paper or Cardstock is preferred as it is eco-friendly. To polish things further, a layer of vinyl is applied on top of the final package to attract the customers.


Your vape packaging is the first thing your customers interact with. Make full use of this opportunity. Due to high competition, it is crucial for you to set your company apart from the others. Choosing trendy designs will make sure that your consumers are tempted to take a good look at your product and buy it. Let’s discuss these trendy designs further.

Slender vape package

Such boxes have a slim design and with relatively increased length. Slender and elongated cartridge packages are specifically designed, keeping in mind the vape cartridges. Vape cartridge packaging can hold cartridges from 0.5ml to 1ml. The package is compact in size and offers ease. Retailers prefer this design mostly because it requires less volume when placed on the shelves and can be stacked easily. To further beautify the package, you can go for gold foils or UV Coating. Moreover, these are ideal for fragile products as vapes because the product is tightly packed inside, so it highly reduces the chances of the product getting damaged.

Flip-top panel box

Custom vape cartridge packaging comes in all sorts of designs. However, flip-top panel box, when compared to other regular designs, tends to differentiate itself from the rest of the crowd. These are similar to cigar packages that come with a flip-top panel. The opening and closing of this design require little to no effort. They require a little more volume than a simple package, so you can always make sure to make full use of it. You can always pack more than one flavors in the same package and make it a set of two or three. Although these boxes are already stylish enough, you can always go one step ahead. You can make your design more graceful by your logo, colors, and other customization choices.


Hanging cartridges packages

It is amazing how little innovation can hugely benefit your enterprise. If you are planning to sell your merchandise to medical stores or local retail stores, then make sure that your package comes with a retail hanger. These packages come in all shapes and sizes. If you want to exhibit more information on your packaging regarding the product, then having a wide shaped box is a good idea. Finishing options for these boxes are abundant as well. You can either choose a gloss or matte lamination. The hang-tab provides simplicity to the retailers to display them on the point of purchase and point of sales.  

Rigid packaging

The most widely known solution for vape cartridge box packaging is a rigid design. It is made of high-quality cardboard packaging. These are highly durable and retain the quality of the product for longer times. These packages are usually preferred when thinking about gifting it to someone, as they look more presentable. You can push in an insert card to print any variety of valuable information, such as about your company and its goals. To make things better, you can add a little bit of surprise to it. It can be either a coupon for a discount or a full refund. This will make sure that customers are always tempted to buy. It happens to be one of the most affordable solutions for E-cigarettes. You can choose different finishes for your package, so adding a little extravagance to your merchandise will benefit you. 

 White vape cartridge packages

White vape cartridge packages are useful when you require ready-made vape cartridge boxes as soon as possible. These are perfect for a simple, clean, and minimal packaging. You can get these in white, black, and gold colors. These packages, due to their simplicity, have a relatively fast turnaround time. You can purchase these as right-away packaging. You can later put your brand’s labels or stickers on the front and back of these packages as they have plenty of space.

Sleeve boxes with a window

One of the most common designs of vape cartridge boxes is the Sleeve design with a window. They are recognized to be simple yet very effective; these boxes have a window in them through which you can see your product in advance, even before buying it. This provides the customer with a sense of trust. The customer can acknowledge the quality of the product right from the packaging without having to open it. Companies nowadays make sure to instill the packaging with the fragrance of that particular flavor so that they can smell in advance as well. Furthermore, these packages are easier to open, so customers will be getting hands-on your product as soon as they buy the merchandise.

 You can choose any of the above-mentioned styles for your vape packaging. However, if you want to shine in your business, then you must opt for the style that suits you and your consumer base the best. After all, it is not just a box. It has the potential to be more than that. Make sure that you make full use of its potential.

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