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Weird Facts About The Cockfighting Sport

Everything and everyone has a weird fact about them, and cockfighting is not an exception. In most cases, these so-called weird facts that only the die-hard fans of cockfighting are accustomed to. That said, if you are casual and are interested in cockfighting, here are a few weird facts that you haven't heard before:


Like combat athletes, fighting cocks undergo rigorous training to ensure they're at peak physical condition before their "bouts." These cocks usually have their crown cut off to minimize damage during the fight because the less they bleed, the more aggressive they are during the war.


Unlike human combat sports, there's no such thing as a referee in a cockfight. Once those two cocks are pitted against each other, the fight only ends when they are either injured or dead. Most of the time, both cocks are usually in a piss-poor condition that they end up being slaughtered altogether. The latter is what made the sport illegal for the most part.


In cockfighting, it is believed that the more blood is shed, the more entertaining the fights are. For this reason, the cocks are often fitted with spikes capable of issuing the opponent with significant death blows. These spikes make the cocks incapable of doing more than a handful of fights before taking too much damage. And when the cock takes too much damage, it'll be slaughtered for its meat sooner than later.


Thanks to the internet, the cockfighting business has finally been digitalized. You can gain access to legit sites such as the s128 website and enjoy the game in your living room's comfort. All you need to access s128 Play is a laptop and a strong internet connection, and you're good to go. You have to stay cautious because, in the end, just because the s128 Play Cockfighting website is legit doesn’t mean the rest of them are. 


Cockfighting is prohibited in most countries in the world. Therefore, if you are looking to participate in it, I would encourage you to check out the official s1288 website. Of course, other sites are legit. That said, you have to take ample time and find the ones that work best for you and stick with them. Doing so may take some time, but it'll all be worth the effort in the end.

Finally, getting to know all the weird facts about the gruesome sport should help you make up your mind about whether to support it or not. Thankfully, the online option seems much safer and user-friendly and, therefore, the best option for you and your friends.

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