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Guidelines about how to Boost Weight Loss by Knowing Your BMR

It is a well-known fact that obesity leads to various health issues. If you are overweight, the probability of having a cardiovascular problem is high. This is because due to additional weight, more pressure is applied on the heart and this impacts the ability to pump blood. Similarly, obese people also develop diabetes which is a major medical issue. No one likes appearing out of shape and everyone prefers staying fit. The problem is that you need to work hard to achieve the weight loss target.

How is BMR a key factor?

BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate) defines the minimum number of calories you need to consume in one day. Losing weight means you need to shed off calories. However, these are the extra ones causing an increase in weight. A minimum count of calories is needed to complete day to day goals. People who do not consume this count face physical weakness and are unable to perform their tasks.

  • When you talk about calculating the BMR, it is not feasible to calculate results without using a technological option. If you are using a BMR calculator, you can rely on the calculated value. In other cases, you would have doubts about whether the values are correct or not. The use of a BMR calculator reduces the effort which has to be put in by the user.
  • The BMR calculator is very simple to use. It is an online tool that can be used without completing any installation needs. These calculators are free so you can calculate as many results as you want to.
  • No one has the time to understand the options of the tool; learn and then use the tool. Considering this aspect, a lot of people avoid the use of technological tools. When it comes to the BMR calculator, it is very simple to use. A user has to enter basic details like age, gender, and height. Once the details have been entered, the tool would analyze them and produce the BMR based on the values. In this way, a user gets to know about the calorie count he needs on a minimum scale.

Extra calories result in weight increase

How many of us check the count of calories on an edible option before eating it? Even people who are on a diet do not perform this check at all times. When you use the BMR tool, you get to know about the minimum calories needed. This figure is compared to the total calories you are consuming on the basis. In this way, you get to know about the extra calories being consumed. In addition to that, you are able to select the correct meals. Most people gain weight because they do not select the correct meals. They consume a large calorie count without knowing about it.

The Sedentary Level is carries significance

Are you physically active? Do you exercise on a daily basis? Is working out a part of your schedule? These questions are important and should be considered when you are calculating the BMR using BMR calculator. Consider that there are two individuals who carry the same weight. Each of them wants to lose 10 kilos. One of them has a light sedentary level while the other falls in the moderate category. Which one of them would lose weight more easily? The person who is more physically active would lose weight more easily. This is because he would be burning more calories.

  • When you are using the BMR calculator, you need to select the sedentary level as well. Make sure that you analyze your daily routine and then make the selection.

Reduce medical risks with weight loss

People with more weight always carry medical risks. Apart from cardiac issues, you can develop various physical disabilities with an increase in age. Obese people develop bone weakness and arthritis as well. Due to additional weight on joints, they can even have fractures in the worst situations.


Every individual wants to have a smart and fit physique but this does not happen if you don’t have proper planning and serious dedication as well. Using a BMR calculator is an integral step. When you know your BMR, you become aware of the minimum calories you have to consume on a day to day basis. This helps you in reducing the extra calories and removing flab. Loss of weight is critical as it reduces medical hazards and risks.

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