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    address1:3938 Anthony Avenue

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    "Hi, my name is Abraham L. Andersen and I am 60 years old. I live and work in Abilene, Texas. I am married and have two wonderful children.

    From an early age, my father instilled in me a love of history. After school I graduated from the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Texas Austin with a bachelor's degree. Studying there helped me consolidate my passion and understand what I want to do in life.

    I have been collecting for a long time. I build and collect of World War II vehicle models. In addition to moels, I collect quite a few other things: coins, postage stamps, car license plates from different states, old books and newspapers. My wife never shared my interests, but children from the earliest years loved to spend time in my office and ask about everything they saw there.

    Interest in writing essays and various articles came to me in my student years. Since then, I started making some money from it, writing for all kinds of local newspapers and magazines. Since the Internet became widespread, the work has become much more, because you were no longer constrained by the boundaries of the region and it became possible to write for sites around the world.
    As it became clear from my biography, most of the articles I write about history. In addition to history, I write essays and articles on the following topics:
    - Political science
    - Anthropology
    - Economy
    - Languages
    - Geography
    - Sociology
    - International relationships
    - Psychology
    - Philosophy

    Besides to these main areas, sometimes I write materials for publications about collecting and descriptions of collectible items for various sellers.

    If you are looking for a specialist in writing essays or all kinds of articles - you are in the right place!"