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Top 3 Online Tools For Students

"I need someone to write my essay."

This is one of the most common things that can be heard from a student. Project, assignments, and deadlines, student life, is closely enveloped among the three. Furthermore, with the new online education system, screen time has been doubled.

To ease with the exhaustive online works and offer them practical study help, here are the top 3 tools for students.

1)         Grammarly 

Surprisingly, even this article went through Grammarly check before reaching the audience. Grammarly is virtual writing assistance to offer you philosophy essay help regarding your grammar, punctuation, spelling, clarity, engagement, and other potential mistakes.

You can be a grammar-nazi in your social realm. Still, manually it becomes almost impossible to track all the grammatical errors in your articles, especially when you have more than one subject to submit. Opting for the best grammar correction tool available online, Grammarly is the ultimate life-saver. 

Grammarly can be availed in both free and premium versions. The premium is indeed worthy, but you can get 60-70% of your basic work done with the free version itself.

2)         Paraphrasing Tool

Writing down answers in your sentences is almost like a nightmare for a lot of students. Thus, often they look for assignment help online. It becomes tough to change the sentence without changing the format.

But, if you are tight on the budget and cannot hire professional assignment help, paraphrasing tools can be your real saviour.

All you need to do is copy and paste the sentences in the place provided in these tools. You will get the sentence rephrased in no time. You can also edit the words and sentences accordingly.

A lot of renowned tools are available on Google. The top 3 tools you can settle for are:

  1.             Quillbot
  2.             Pre-Post SEO
  3.             Small SEO Tools

Get both the free and premium versions that worked almost equally. For a better experience, opt for installing the Google Chrome Extensions available. 

3)         Plagiarism Checker

Now plagiarism checker is the last gatekeeper you need to travel through. Plagiarism is the forbidden copying from someone else that they shifted from classroom cheating to online. So, do not get caught with the exclusive plagiarism tools available online. Instead, copy and paste your article and get to know if you have plagiarized anything.

It is preferable to use a paraphrasing tool or reconstruct the sentences to avoid plagiarism. However, the common plagiarism checkers that you can use for free as well as paid.

  1.             Duplichecker
  2.             Small SEO Tools
  3.             Quetext


Stop looking for external help to "do my assignment". Instead, kick out your assignment and homework stress with the top 3 online tools for students.


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