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Pramod Kumar

What is Biggest Trend Currently Witnessed in Osseointegration Implants Market?

In 2017, the global osseointegration implants market generated a revenue of $9.9 billion and is further projected to advance at a 4.0% CAGR during the forecast period (2018–2023). The market is registering growth due to the rising dental implant surgeries, increasing funding for osseointegration research, surging number of trauma incidents, reimbursement support by government and other organizations for surgeries, rising prevalence of spinal cord injuries (SCIs), and surging hearing loss cases in geriatric population. Devices which are utilized for the treating hearing loss, tooth loss, and amputees are referred to as osseointegration implants. 

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On the basis of material type, the osseointegration implants market is categorized into polymer biomaterials, metallic biomaterials, ceramic biomaterials, and others (which include titanium zirconium alloys). Out of these, the metallic biomaterials category dominated the market during the historical period, contributing a revenue share of $5.3 billion in 2017. This was due to the biochemical properties of the metallic osseointegration implants, which are further easy to process and sterilize and provide good finishing. The highest CAGR is predicted to be witnessed by the ceramic category during the forecast period.  

The rising number of hearing loss cases among the geriatric population is another primary driving factor of the osseointegration implants market. The geriatric population is prone to a number of health conditions, including weak eyesight, dementia, hearing loss, and diabetes, which has led to an increasing requirement for osseointegration implants. As per the WHO, about one-third of the people aged above 65 years of age suffer from disabling hearing loss. The treatment of hearing loss requires hearing implant, primarily bone-anchored hearing implants, which is resulting in the growth of the market. 


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