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  1. Distillation Viewer for Multicomponent Separations

    20 Feb 2012 | Tools | Contributor(s): Joshua Huff, Gautham Madenoor Ramapriya, George A. Howlett, Anirudh Arun Shenvi, Mohit Tawarmalani, Rakesh Agrawal, Haibo Zhang

    Graphical interface to examine configurations generated by NLP distillation optimization

  2. Hopper Segregation

    18 Dec 2007 | Animations | Contributor(s): Carl Wassgren

    The Particulate Sciences Laboratory at Purdue University investigates the mixing and segregation of binary and multi-component granular materials. Solids mixing, also known as blending, is a...

  3. Inter- and Intra- Tablet Coating Variability

    18 Dec 2007 | Animations | Contributor(s): Carl Wassgren

    Tablets are coated for a number of reasons, the most important of which is controlling the release profiles and bioavailability of the active pharmaceutical ingredient. The amount of coating on...

  4. ParticleVis: A Tool for DEM Particle Visualization

    07 Jan 2008 | Downloads | Contributor(s): Carl Wassgren, Avik Sarkar

    ParticleVis is a visualization tool specialized for loading and exploring particulate simulation data. It contains a set of features that enables powerful and useful visualizations of particle...

  5. ViewStruct : A Tool for Visualizing Crystal Structures - Documentation and Downloads

    24 Sep 2008 | Downloads | Contributor(s): Stephan X.M. Boerrigter

    ViewStruct is a program that visualizes crystal structures and that can calculate and visualize the corresponding crystal graph. The crystal graph is a formalization that stems from the...

  6. Visualization of Particle-Based Computer Data

    18 Dec 2007 | Series | Contributor(s): Carl Wassgren, Avik Sarkar

    The ParticleVis software system offers full-featured visualization of discrete element method (DEM) computer data for real-time 3D rendering of large sets of particle states. ParticleVis...