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How To Buy an Engagement Ring in 3 Easy Steps

So you have plant the love of your life, decided that she's the one and now all you have to do is ask her to spend the rest of her life with you. Simple huh? Except for one thing; a massive part of your offer is the engagement ring, and, let's be honest then, utmost of us wouldn't have the first indication about how to buy an engagement ring.


 Buying an engagement ring is actually relatively simple and far less daunting when you know how, so then are the 3 way you need to know when learning how to buy an engagement ring.


 Step 1- Choose a Style


 When you go into a regular jewelry stores you'll be asked is what kind of style and setting you're after. What they really want to know is, what do you want your ring to look like?

.You're only limited by your imagination, but as a starting point your most common bones are;


 Bijou-the traditional fave is to have a single diamond. For this type of style the way that the diamond is set is really important to the look of your ring.


 Three- Gravestone-a main diamond that's adjoined by two lower diamonds representing the history, the present and the future.


Sidestone-your diamond is adjoined by two or further small diamonds that are set into the band.

 Rock- Add color to your ring by using rocks like rubies, emeralds or sapphires as your side monuments.


 Developer-From butterfly


engagement rings, to antique- style rings to avant-garde-garde rings. There are numerous fabulous contrivers who have created elaborate engagement rings and these are a great choice for women who like to stand out.


 Step 2- Choose Your Setting


 When it comes to setting, you need to suppose about what kind of precious essence that you want the band to be made out of. Your usual options are gold, white gold and platinum, but rose gold, precaution and indeed sterling tableware are also used.


 You'll also need to choose how your diamond or diamonds will be set into the ring. You have three options then;


 Point-this is the traditional setting. Your diamonds are literally securely held in place by a set of prickles.

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