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How to get any AWS certification while working from home?

With new norms of social distancing and plights due to corona pandemic. All is not well!

270million Americans alone are living under official shelters in place guidelines, making earning ways to a halt. For MNCs, service rendering companies and software industries, things would have become unbearable. But thanks to cloud computing and all its tools and technologies, that enables organizations and economies to thrive in through working remotely. 

Take, for instance, video conferencing. Platforms like Zoom, Google meet have seen a surge of more than 350% in these 8 months of global lockdown. For companies and organizations with traditional server led infrastructure and on-premises operations and for all the blue collared employees' things have worsened. Manufacturing industries have seen a carcinogenic swell in their P/L Accounts. The automotive industry has seen the worst in its lifetime. 

AWS, on the other, the hand is solution-zing complexities with all its potency. AWS currently has seen a thrust in its ever-soaring certification credentialing. To this day, it has recorded 6 million requests from applicants for different certification courses. Probably, the Pandemic has given enough time for professionals to shift their focus to career advancement. You can also be a part of the regime; all you need to do is figure out which certification is your best fit. 

The AWS certifications

All together AWS caters 13 certifications in 4 different levels, and they are as follows:

Foundational certifications

Associate certifications

  • AWS Solutions Architect
  • AWS SysOps Administrator
  • AWS Developer

Professional certifications

  • AWS Solutions Architect Professional
  • AWS DevOps Engineer

Speciality Certifications

  • AWS Advanced Networking
  • AWS Security
  • AWS Machine Learning
  • AWS Alexa Skill Builder
  • AWS Data Analytics 
  • AWS Database

In general, AWS and its Partner firms offer different courses through VILT or Virtual Instructor-Led Training. These certifications are costly than usual. You can opt them through the AWS website if, you do not have any financial constraints strangling you back.

How to prepare?

On an average, AWS foundational certification preparation would cost you around $500, including the Certification exam cost of $100. You can opt for training from AWS, or you can go to some private Training institutes like, or After all its all your choice to choose your trainer. Paid online courses are advantageous, as they include simulation exams, Video & Audio lessons and Practical Labs. 

All these features cannot overrule Books. No matter how big the human race becomes, we cannot forget our books, and despite it is in kindle or eBook format. A textbook for Foundational certification would cost you around $24- $30 in Amazon. You should refer to the AWS study Guide by Anthony Sequeira.

You can grab the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner training course by Quincy Larson of 4 hours for free on the AWS website! The course is meant to clarify each and every concept of Cloud, Global infrastructure, EC2 Pricing, Billing and Pricing et cetera.


Associate and Professional certification preparation

For Solution Architect you get a free full course of 10 hours by trainer Beau Carnes. In this training session, you can expect the complete coverage of each domain and module. From S3, snowball, VPC to IAM, Storage Gateway, serverless Follow Analog & kinesis. You get it all for free of cost. 

To strengthen your study, the textbook kit would cost you only $25.

You can amplify your preparation of AWS developer associate for free by tuning into the full video course of 16 hours for free of cost in YouTube! 

Video courses are also there for professional-level certification on YouTube. Keep the Text Book Handy with you and do read the book page to page to understand the concepts and later watch the free training videos.

The intention

It is all about your intention to succeed. On average, 60 hours of preparation can help you nail any AWS certification. You just need to focus on the preparation in your spare time after work. These certifications are very cheap as compared to others. You can get the foundational certification is $100—associate level and Professional level certification for $150-$300.

Making room of 2 hours per day besides your work. Can win you these certifications. These exams are proctored and can be taken easily at your home. You do not need to travel to a test centre!

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