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Can you pass ITIL RCV Certification with one-month training?

The RCV certification is present under the capability service module. This module is suitable for any individual wanting to expand their career in service management. It is also useful for any individual wanting to acquire the expert level certification. Since all of these certifications offer credit points towards the expert level certification. The ITIL service transition methods are explained in detail throughout this module. It also guarantees that the transitional changes are efficiently handled, new services are verified and examined. It also makes sure that the deployment and release fulfil the needs of the industry. 

Course Overview

Individuals will get knowledge in the following areas after completing the course:

  • Concepts and practice of service management and service transition processes, purposes, and principles. 
  • The necessity of release, control, and validation while delivering services or products. 
  • How the procedures or methods included in the ITIL release, control, and validation is connected with the other processes or procedures of the service lifecycle. 
  • Define the activities, functions, models, and procedures included in every process of the ITIL release, control, and validation. 
  • How to utilize the release, control, and validation methods, functions, and activities to obtain the best operational outcomes. 
  • How to evaluate or measure the ITIL release, control, and validate.
  • The necessity of IT security and its uses in the RCV.
  • The technology and executions related to the RCV. 

Exam Information

It lasts for around ninety minutes. This exam includes a total of eight questions based on scenarios. You have to score around 70% to clear the exam successfully. This exam is a closed book, so no external materials or electronic devices are allowed. 


You can join the RCV training course that will help you to clear the ITIL RCV certification exam in one month. Top 6 online training course providers are:

  • Wiselearner
  • Simplilearn
  • Careerera
  • Peoplecert
  • Sprintzeal
  • Vinsys

Besides training, important tips that will help you to pass the exam with the first attempt are:

  1. Terminology: You must understand the common terms used throughout the module. Although, some of these terms are already mentioned in the foundation level certification. The syllabus of this module includes the list of the terms that you might need for this module. So, you have to go through all of these terms and understand their meanings, since the exams might get tougher to crack without knowing the important terms. 


  1. Read thoroughly: The applicants are examined on their understanding of the foundation course and the usage of those concepts in real-world situations. To be able to implement the concepts you learnt from the foundation certification means you have mastered the fundamentals and basics. This exam does not have any questions based on theories, so there is no need to memorize the texts. However, you do have to understand the following thoroughly:


  • The purposes, goals, and scope of every process included in the service transition. 
  • Process flow of both the processes and activities. 
  • Each process and best strategies for it.
  • Types of change, process flows, terminologies, change management, and so on. 
  • Roles of service management
  • Knowledge management tools 
  • Service requests, service request models, request fulfilment process


  1. Multiple choice plan: You need to have a strategy to answer the questions. Your strategies must include the following:


  • Must go through the questions thoroughly before reading the scenario. 
  • Highlight the vital words present. 
  • Locate the actual cause of the issue or error. 
  • Eliminate the unrelated answers or options
  • Remove the answers that are wrong right away
  • Locate the small differences present between the answers.
  • Select the answer that is more suitable to the scenario given and the best practice 
  • Put more emphasis on the value of the people and the equipment. 


  1. Time Management skills: Time management is very vital in almost every tough exam. It is useful in effectively managing time according to the questions included in the exam. Since the time constraint is 90 minutes, you get only 11 minutes for every question. You can choose to review the difficult questions at the end.


  1. Take practice exams: Before you appear for the real exam, you must ensure that you have completed enough questions and mock exams. Practising questions enables you to strengthen your weak points or areas. 



Therefore, it is possible to finish the training within one month based on your hard work and determination. However, you have to build up a suitable schedule for your preparation which enables you to go through all the topics within one month. 

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