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Affiliate Marketing Programs You Can Try

You can run your affiliate marketing program yourself using a software program, design one for your own use, or join an affiliate marketing program. There are several programs you can join and which one you choose depends a lot on your personality and what you expect to get out of your affiliate manager. How do they intend to market your product? There is a very good possibility that can imvprove your companie's potential. For the very first time these may seem to be about different topics, but actually it's not so. Whether you are looking for an affiliate marketing program to join so that you can find products and services to recommend or you want a program to run your company’s affiliate marketing program, these program managers can make or break your affiliate marketing efforts:

• Commission Junction - Some of the largest businesses online use Commission Junction. While that’s no reason to rush right over to CJ, you shouldn’t discount it either. They clearly know what they’re doing. Website: 

• ClixGalore - ClixGalore has quite a selection of affiliate programs to take advantage of. If you want to start an affiliate marketing program for your company, they can help you with that too. 

• LinkShare - One of the leading pay-per-action marketing programs online. Wal-Mart, Lego, and other recognized brands use LinkShare. Not a bad pick. You can always get it for free on itunes.

• ShareASale - A custom program that operates to bring affiliates and products together. Great program. 

• Clickbank - Clickbank specializes in digital products: E-books, podcasts, videos, downloads, etc. One of the first affiliate programs to come online, Clickbank pretty much wrote the rules on affiliate marketing and just about every program now online owes a debt to Clickbank for paving the way. If you specialize in retailing digital products, you just might do well at Clickbank. 


When you’re ready to start your affiliate marketing program or you are looking for a product to sell as an affiliate, try one of these programs. 

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