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Steps by step guide to writing annotated bibliography

An annotated bibliography is the list of the sources that have been used to describe a particular topic. All sources are arranged thematically with including the descriptive and evaluative summary of the specific sources. An annotated bibliography includes the citation of different books, newspapers, articles, government documents, websites, journals, pamphlets, audio recordings, and films, etc. By using the date of publication or alphabetic order of the author names, all sources in the annotated bibliography can be arranged in chronological order. It also includes the documents and the materials which are preserved in archival collections. It can be termed as a critical overview of a research paper. It is always kept simple and concise so that reader can get the information and context of a paper and research.

Many students find it difficult to develop an effective list of annotated bibliographies about a specific topic or research question. Essay orpaper writing service providing websites and writing companies can be proved beneficial for the students to get customized annotated bibliographies. It is not difficult to develop an annotated bibliography of different sources if you are aware of the steps included in it. There are different steps of writing critical annotated bibliographies; some of the easiest steps are as follows:

Selection of Type of Annotated Bibliography

Descriptive, informative, and analytical are three different types of the annotated bibliography which are mostly used in the research. In the informative type of annotation, the summary, message, and argument of the source are included. It also includes the methodology and findings. Descriptive annotation is one that includes the description of the source without including the summary, hypothesis, actual argument, and message of the source. An evaluative annotation includes the personal evaluation of the source "essay writing service" by the writer. This type of annotated bibliography answers different questions.

Selection of Sources

There are two important strategies that can be implemented to find sources for the annotated bibliography:

The first technique is to find out the recently published books or articles regarding the topic about which annotated bibliography has to be developed. After identifying sources, analyze the sources which have been cited by the different authors. This list of the sources which have been used by authors can provide you with an idea about the prior research on the same concept. The second strategy is the identification of different sources like books, journals, articles about the topic of the annotated bibliography. After identifying multiple sources, use their titles and paste them on Google scholar. Search the title in the form of a phrase at Google Scholar; it will help in finding the links related to the specific reference. This number will give the students an idea about the number of studies that cited that particular source after its publication.

The method which can be applied for annotated bibliography depends upon the aim of the assignment and research question.

Techniques to Define Scope

In order to include the sources in an annotated bibliography, they need to be sufficiently narrowed and well-defined in coverage and nature.

Combination: To develop a critical annotated bibliography, focus on more than one strategy. It will help to narrower or broader coverage of the specific research question.

Comparative: the sources which describe the comparison between two issues related to your selected topic that can be used to narrow down the annotated bibliography.

Source: Bibliography includes the list of sources, you need to identify why one specific source is appropriate.

Aspect: Always choose one aspect while explaining your research problem. Do not use multi lenses to look at the facet of your topic.

Time: In critical annotated bibliography a shorter period should be covered. The narrow focus will result in a well-developed annotated bibliography.

Geography: If you select a narrow area of analysis, you will have to add a few items to the bibliography.

Type: Specific types, places, things, or classes of people need to be focused on in the bibliography.


Based on the purpose and nature of the assignment or research, the format of the annotated bibliography is determined. Sources may be listed chronologically, alphabetically, or under headings. Sources can also be divided thematically on the basis of the period. You can find an essay writer on the writing website for the formatting of the annotated bibliography.

Relevance of Source

The annotated bibliography should highlight the relevance and value of the source to your research question. Identify how sources contribute to the investigation of a research question if a bibliography is a part of your project. But if a bibliography is not part of the project and is independent, highlight how the source is relevant to your topic and has contributed to the research. An annotated bibliography should find out how the conclusion and recommendations have impacted your research.

To determine the contribution of the source you will have to access the value and quality of it. Do focus on the limitations of the source. Find out whether it is reliable to use it in research or not. The author has used an effective method of research or not. Highlight whether arguments are being supported with the proper evidence or not. All these points must be focused on and highlighted before finding out the contribution of the source in the research. A good essay writer or researcher is always aware of the value and quality of the source to find out its contribution. You can ask to write essay for me or annotated bibliography to expert writers at the online writing websites in order to get good grades.

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