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Ray Mirra - How to Become a Pharmacist

There is a popular television program in the United States called the Pharmacy Crunch. This program focuses on the different aspects of pharmaceuticals including the retail side as well as the medical aspects. The Pharmacy Crunch also shows many pharmacies that are owned by large corporations and under the management of a drug expert that sells the prescription drug. One of the characters, Ray Mirra, is a trained pharmacist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that purchases stock from these large corporations. He uses his knowledge to help the people of Philadelphia.

Many people work from their home as pharmacists, but do not have medical or technical skills. They are usually able to get some assistance from a company that is willing to hire them as an independent contractor. In order to qualify for this position, the applicant needs to have a college degree or coursework that will help them with their medical or technical skills. Ray Mirra is a successful pharmaceutical executive who decided to start his own consulting firm by using his experience as a pharmacist.

Ray starts his business by creating an online medical billing and analysis software program. This program helps medical practitioners in the United States and Canada with their patient record maintenance. This makes it easier for them to handle their patients and medical history on a daily basis. This program would not have been possible without the training that Ray received. As he began to develop and sell his program to pharmacies around the country, people from all professions and all levels of medical skill came to him.

Once he began to develop more programs, he realized that there was a need for more pharmacists in small towns and rural areas that did not have access to high-tech programs. So he started a college in southwest Pennsylvania, called Pennysaver, so that more people could take advantage of his medical knowledge and skills. Eventually, Ray's wife started a pharmacy and started selling his educational courses.

Before Ray created his program, many pharmacists were not aware that they could get formal education just by spending a few hours working at a pharmacy. Raymond Mirra realized that many pharmacists were not receiving formal training because they did not want to take the time to travel to a college that offered their degree. He felt that if he could show them that they could learn the same things from home, that they would be more willing to give him money for his training courses. So he created Pennysaver and it has been helping people across the country ever since.

If you are not sure that you want to go into a pharmacy, now might be the time to consider getting a formal education. Whether you are a new career in a different field or you just want to refresh your career, a pharmacist career can be rewarding. You can find out more about how to become a pharmacist and all of the benefits that you will receive by following the links below.

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