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What is an essay?

The essay is prosaic. It is distinguished by a small volume, free form and a conversational, sometimes frank style of presentation. In an essay, an event, fact or phenomenon is not described in detail, but is only a starting point for the author to express his thoughts and judgments. The views of the author in the essay are more important than the presentation of an objective fact or message that the author is thinking about. Therefore, there are no hard and fast rules for writing an essay, you can simply pay for essay, but this does not mean that you can simply record the stream of consciousness and present it as an essay. There are distinctive features that set an essay apart from anything else.

Most often, essays are confused with essays, travel notes, and a philosophical treatise. What is the difference between them?

The essay focuses on the fact of the event itself. The author describes this without drawing anything from himself. The essay has a clear logical structure: a description of the event, its beginning, culmination and ending. Little attention was paid to this incident in the essay; which simply is as an opportunity to reflect on abstract philosophical truths. The essay does not have a clear structure, you can read it at, which is mandatory for all works of this genre.
Travel notes have a plot. In addition, they also describe what is happening more and only the thoughts of the author reflect what he sees and what happens to him. The work has no plot, no dynamics, it is timeless. Thoughts are the essence, the most important part of the essay ..

The essay differs from the philosophical treatise in its greater artistic orientation, detailed images, the use of epithets and artistic literary means. In addition, assignment help can refer to topics not related to the field of philosophy: social, scientific, environmental, etc. It has to do with journalism.

Sketches of the past and today
Works in the genre of essays are found among ancient authors. But the "official birth" of the species is considered the 16th century, and France is considered its homeland. In the second half of this century, the French philosopher M. Montaigne published a work called "Experiments" (which in French sounds like "essays"). At the same time, the work of another famous philosopher F. Bacon was written in the essay genre.

And a few years later, first in literary criticism, and then the word "essayist" began to denote an author who writes in a certain genre - the genre of essays. So this word from the titles of his individual works has become a household word.

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